5 Things I wish I did during labor

Because of my high blood pressure, my doctor decided during my 37th week that I would be induced. Being induced to me just meant that I wouldn’t have the ‘Oh my gosh! I think my water just broke!’ moment. I know -I watch too many movies but other than that, I didn’t think anything else... Continue Reading →

It’s OK to Be You

It is really easy to compare yourself and your life to the next woman. Why does she have that and I don’t? Why does she get the things she has and I’m not even close? I’m a nice person and live the best way that I can. Why don’t I? Why can’t I? What’s wrong... Continue Reading →

Clomid vs. Femara

If you have been trying to conceive a child, you are familiar with all of the ups and downs, the doctor visits, the talks, the recommendations of what to eat, what not to eat, what medications to take and not to take -it is a roller coaster. The first plan of action for most of... Continue Reading →

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