20 Things that Make me Happy

Hello July! Happy new month, new possibilities, new opportunities, new thoughts, new ideas, new dreams, and new goals. It’s time to renew and recharge. I thought I’d start this month off with things that make me really happy. I thinks sometimes we as people but particularly women, focus on what we don’t have and don’t... Continue Reading →

Trying to Make Mom Friends

I had a number of reasons why I started this blog. It was a chance for me to start writing again. I can put my motherhood on display and learn from others. Lastly, to meet people -to meet my tribe of women who are going through the same things, stumbling down their path. I have... Continue Reading →

We’re going on vacation!

After we found out we were pregnant, my first thought was I need a vacation. I need time away from work. I need time away from drama. I need time away just to gather my thoughts and well-being before they both decide to hide and leave everything in shambles. I didn’t want to leave married... Continue Reading →

It’s Our Anniversary!

My goodness! It’s been a month already since I launched The Green Loc’d Momster blog. It has been beautiful and it’s getting even better. I’ve already met some awesome people and created a hippie goofy fun mom tribe. I’m happy to be writing again and getting my creative juices going. Most importantly, I get to... Continue Reading →

Lessons I want to Teach my Son

When I look in my son’s face, I can’t help but smile and wince. I listen to his laugh and tickle his stomach and then Cassandra cherish these moments. Soon it’s going to be kindergarten, elementary, riding bikes, building forts, treehouses, sport games, watching him get hit in football, cringing while watching him get hit... Continue Reading →

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