Coupons, Budgeting, Planning -OH MY!

Hello everyone! Hope all is well. If not, just think -tomorrow is Friday! So with my new job, I’m not sure if I shared but my pay is going to be different and I’m really trying to wrap my brain around it. I’ll be salary and will be paid once a month. For someone who has been used to either weekly or biweekly pay, this was a hard pill to swallow. I told myself in a very responsible fashion that I will just have to budget. Millions of people do it. I will just have to learn and stick to it. I am an adult. I can do this. I immediately went to my favorite app in the whole wide world; the app that shows me all and I learn so much -Pinterest (for those of you on it and I’m sure you are -follow me at I went there and found all of these posts about budgeting. I read things like paying all of the bills at the beginning of the money, how I can get $50 worth of groceries for the month for a family of four and all doing this while looking beautiful. To me, parenting is one big juggling act day after day and now I have to throw in another ball with budgeting? Then I had the brillant idea of couponing because I will be starting to buy groceries for the month and will need to find ways to save money. So what did I do next –what every other person does? I went to my Google Play and searched for apps to help me with all of this. I am old school though. I need help with this. Ladies and gents –hip me up to another blogger, mother/father, writer, etc. that can help me with budgeting. As much as I don’t want to, I must remain the responsible person that I am and turn this adulting thing up a little bit. So help me people! What budget methods work best? What are the best budgeting apps? What should I stay away from? You can even send me some motivating quotes and thoughts to make sure I keep doing it. Adulting…gotta love it…NOT!


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