Today was a Good Day

Peace and love my people. Have you ever had a day that started off horrible like running late, the mini version of yourself is going beyond crazy and throwing tantrums for simply being awake but your day ends being great? Little things start adding up throughout the day making everything smooth and flowing. That was my day today. I woke up late this morning, Xavier was having a 6-ft tall type of tantrum, I couldn’t find the pants I wanted to wear today only to find them in the clean laundry (go figure!) to then trying to speed to daycare and it’s pouring down raining. On top of all that, I was starving…as I always am. The day started off in a ridiculous mess but I got him to daycare on time and the rain stopped just enough to get him the building. I also got to work on time. I found two dollars in my car under one of Xavier’s jackets so I was able to at least grab a Coke and some pretzels. One of my co-workers brought me a plate of food -always great for me. I took that home because I planned on having McAlister’s for lunch-major bonus! Came back from picking up said McAlister’s and got a close parking spot. I had a great talk with another coworker about a situation that she and I both have experienced. I laughed a lot today which is a blessing on its own. I picked up Xavier from daycare, came home and we’ve been having a lot of fun dancing and playing around. In fact, when I get done with this post, I will chase him around the house.

I am so grateful for this day and everything that came with it. I am grateful for my son, tantrums and all. I’m grateful for my coworkers, the talks we have and the moments we create. I’m grateful for the sunshine today. I’m grateful for my family. I’m grateful for the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because Xavier can watch that while I just breathe for a minute. I have so much gratitude for this moment. I won’t look back at yesterday (the past) or worry about tomorrow (the future), I am going to be present and stay in the moment.

How was your day today?olu-eletu-101178-unsplash

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