Thank You Universe!

Peace and love everyone. I have had some changes in my life which has kept me from the laptop. The one I can talk about is I have started a new job! A new path, a new mindset, a new profession that I haven’t but have thought about in the past. Let me explain. First off -sending peace and love to you and your being. I hope all is well with you and wish you much love and good vibes.


While on vacation in Italy, I received an email from someone in the prison. It basically said that they heard I was looking for a position outside of medical (I was the administrative assistant in the infirmary) and would I be open to working in education. Education never crossed my mind in any capacity. I’ve thought about teaching customer service skills. For years I’ve trying to figure out how I could teach or provide tips on customer service, interviewing, resume writing, etc. particularly to the younger generation. 20 years of customer service -you learn a thing or two. I email her back and agree to meet with her. Turns out she was looking for someone to teach her Business Tech class -a self paced learning course on computers, typing, using Microsoft applications -things of that nature. I had an informal interview with her and within the first five minutes, she told me everything I wanted to know. It would be more money, I would still work at the prison, more money, I don’t need a degree, I’ll have weekends off, out of the class by 3:30p and did I say more money?! Needless to say, I was on board. It was truly everything I wanted plus it came out of nowhere. She found me. That’s how I know that law of attraction and manifestation works. Since August, I have been looking for another job. I wanted something that was the same hours, more money, and when I could be available for Xavier. Then once we found his daycare which is literally 10 minutes from the prison, I told the Universe I wanted something with the same hours, more money, near Xavier’s daycare and where I can help people, particularly women. After waiting a month for the actual hiring process, I finally received the word that on April 8, I will be the Business Tech teacher. This position was given to me on a platter and when I tell you, I was and am so excited because not only did I get everything I wanted but I’m also helping these women. This 5 week course will help them familiarize them with computer applications but I can also help with resume writing, doing mock interviews, help with their resumes and basic professional skills for when they are released from prison!! THE UNIVERSE HAD MY BACK! I started this Monday, learning everything I have to do and I feel really good about it. It’s a new journey that I am ready to tackle. Thank you Universe!!



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