Never Again…

Hello everyone on this Thursday. I hope all is well and joyful. I am currently feeling exhausted and my mind is packed to the max of thoughts. I am the true definition of an overthinker. My thoughts crowd each other, climb on top of each other and multiply by the 100s. The running joke between my husband and I is he’ll ask me what am I thinking about and then say just give me your last five thoughts. I’m never thinking about one thing. One thought always leads to another within minutes.

That however is not what this post is about. I cannot and will not drink again. Okay I’m not going to drink Tequila again. Actually Patron -I can never drink Patron again. Le sigh.

Last weekend, my buddy and I went out for some drinks. Normal for us -we drink, talk, self care for us. A little back story on me -I am a drinker. Prior to marriage, I would drink every Friday to Sunday night. During that time, it was more of an escape from the relationship I was in. I slowed way down once I got married and definitely after I had Xavier. Before I had Xavier, I was good to have two Long Islands, a couple of shots of whatever and still be good. After -not so much. Fast forward to this past weekend, I get a Margarita. This wasn’t just a typical Margarita though. This bartender made it with about 3 different Tequilas and a splash of lime juice. THAT’S IT! I saw him make it. I drank it but then Patron whispered in my ear talking about “Yeah girl. You can drink another one. You’ve done it before.” I should have said no and walked away. Nope -my silly self ordered another one. How about two sips in, I was done. I won’t tell what transpired afterwards but I will say I haven’t had a hangover in years and I hope to never have another again.

So in conclusion, I am Cassandra a.k.a. Green Loc’d Momster will no longer drink Tequila, specifically Patron. Patron and I are done, no longer, can’t be friends, I hate you/you hate me –it’s over. I am going to stick to my wines from now on. Le sigh.


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