The Many Hats We Wear

thought-catalog-635846-unsplashWe as women wear many hats. We wear several at one time and expected to wear them well. The fact that we as women are expected to be the weaker sex or the emotional ones is a joke. Going to school and working full time is rough. Going to school, working full time and having a toddler running around is crazy. Throw in the mix a spouse, family members and everyday major issues plus a crazy wacky job can throw anyone into a breakdown. But we do it. We wear every hat at the same time, juggle the ping pong balls of our lives while standing on one foot and a smile.


We are daughters, sisters, friends, mothers, therapists, chefs, maids, drivers, cleaners, nurses, thinkers, planners and true survivalists. We as women are soldiers -ready for battle whenever we need to be. Now I am not discounting men and what they do. Our strength mentally, physically and emotionally is uncomparable!


I love and appreciate the role of woman. I am tested by both men and women everyday and still find a way to move forward and keep going. No -this is not a bash against men. I love ya’ll. This is just a praise and glow up for us women.

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