My Belated Love Post

Even though the month of love has come and gone, I wanted to do a post of just everything I love.


I love sunsets. I love sunrises. I love gentle breezes. I love food. I love cheesecake. I love when my family and I can gather around the television and watch Coming to America or Trading Places for the millionth time and still laugh just as hard as the last time. I love sunshine. I love butterflies. I love when the Universe gives me that Aha moment and makes me laugh out loud. I love writing. I love creating characters and giving them a voice. I love being a mother. I love hearing my son laugh. I love when he wants to hold my hand or wants to give me a hug. I love nature. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. 


I love being black. I love my locs. I love poetry. I love spoken word. I love words! I love reading. I love my friends. I love how we can reflect and appreciate each other. I love music. I love hearing a Jazz tune with the window open and a breeze comes through. I love wine. I love the feeling I get when I have accomplished something. I love hearing birds singing in the morning. I love Miles Davis. I love interior design. I love going into At Home and mentally designing my future home. (Mentally designing until I get the funds to do so). I love getting on Zillow and imagine buying one of those 300K homes. I love dancing. I love sunflowers. I love moments of peace. I love when a plan comes together. I love helping people. I love being a friend. I love my goofy side. I love movies. I love deep conversations. I love hearing a new perspective or idea. I love expanding my mind to a whole new outlook. I love art. I love reenacting movie scenes. 


I love singing in the shower. I love the dramatic choreography I come up with while singing in the car. I love the sound of leaves under my feet. I love my imagination and where it takes me. I love Billie Holiday. I love my family. I love alcohol. I love people. I love hearing other people laugh. I love seeing someone living their authentic truth. I love learning from people. I love my husband. I love creating life through my Pinterest pages. I love meeting new people. I love new candles. I love the smell of fresh laundry. I love Law & Order SVU. I love seeing someone genuinely happy. I love freedom.


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