Lessons from Motherhood

A couple of things I have learned as a mother

  • The house will always be a mess. No matter how hard I keep up, no matter if I was at home all day or not, it will continue to be a mess. Stop trying to keep up because you will drive yourself crazy.
  • Pay attention to where you step. From getting out of bed to walking to the bathroom to walking to the kitchen, I have experienced at least five mini heart attacks. I stepped on a dinosaur, a bottle, another dinosaur, a third dinosaur (see a theme), my purse (I refuse to think I left it there but who knows), a plastic spoon, and finally a toy car. Damn near died all because I didn’t look down or at least paid attention.
  • Baby wipes TRULY can be used for EVERYTHING!
  • I never knew just how many versions of “The Wheels on the Bus” there are. I think I have heard about 50 of them so far.
  • Laundry is NEVERENDING!
  • I stress more and eat less and yet, my weight stays the same. I haven’t figured that out yet.
  • I have a lot of facial expressions that I did not know I had before becoming a mother. Here are a few- enjoy.


I am exhausted, under nourished, sleep deprived, a certified zombie walker but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am thankful everyday.

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