Mommy’s Proud Moment

Before becoming a mother, there were a number of things I hoped that my son would do or enjoy. I hope that he appreciates the arts and music (particularly jazz). My husband wants him to love the Colts. My father and brother would love it if he loved and even went to Ohio State. My mother has already ordered his Golden State jersey. Of course, I hope that he’s kind, considerate but will know how to defend himself if and when the time comes. What I did not expect is….at least for the time being, he loves to eat fruits, particularly strawberries and blueberries. He also loves cherry tomatoes and guacamole! He will eat it by the spoonful. Say what??


When I was pregnant, I wanted my craving to be something stereotypical. I wanted to experience that whole thing. You know -Hollywood always paints pregnant to want ice cream and sardines or pickles in Ramen noodles. Crazy stuff like that. Nope –my craving was brussel sprouts. I think I ate them every other day the last three months. I’ve never had a problem with fruits but avocado -not my thing. I know it’s supposed to be good for you -a super food. I see it put on everything –salads, sandwiches, pizza (not sure about that one). To me, it’s bland.

When Xavier came and we were trying solid foods, I thought why not try it. It’s a superfood. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean he won’t. At first he did not. He spit it out and shook his head. I left it alone. When he hit one years old, his father took him to a Mexican restaurant which is a regular thing. He ordered him a bowl and he was hooked. Now we order it all the time and he will clean the bowl.

As for fruits, he will eat them all day. I feel so proud when he reaches for the orange before the bag of chips. So yes -I boast about a lot of things about Xavier, but this -I tend to stick my chest just a little bit more. william-felker-38344-unsplash

What’s something that you couldn’t believe but your toddler loves to do? Don’t be shy Moms (and Dads)! It’s okay to be proud and show them off! Until next time….

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