The Daycare Search

Hello my people -mothers -please feel me on this venting. I know you do because I am sure that all of us have dreaded this time in our motherhood. We are now embarking on finding a daycare. From the time my son was 3 months old until now, he’s been with a family friend. She watched him with three other kids his age and he loved it. We loved it too. Unfortunately some things came up so we have to look for a daycare. Le sigh.

So the search begins. First off -I did not plan for this. All the time we had been trying, then finally getting pregnant and up to now, I did not have a plan B. I never looked into daycares, the cost, any of it. Mainly because I thought we would never have to worry about that. Well, Cassandra -you do. Like my best friend told me at the beginning of this search, always have a plan B, C, D and E. Second, I work in a place full of women who have hurt children. I am terrified of putting him in a daycare. Not only that, I know I would black out and hurt everyone in sight if anything ever happened to him in their care. Le sigh.

So yes the search begins. Some tips I found on choosing a daycare are the following:

  • Watch the caregivers. Are they sitting on the floor or playing with the kids? Are they being attentive?
  • Sure they have cameras but are they recording? Cameras can definitely just be for show.
  • Does the daycare conduct thorough background checks on their employees?
  • Communication with the daycare. I want to be able to stop by whenever I want. I want to know about his day, what he ate, etc. I will make myself involved.
  • What exactly am I paying for? Are they just watching him or actually interacting with him? Is he learning and growing?
  • The caregiver to kid ratio. Is it one to 5 or 10 or 20? Is he going to be just another kid, another number?

Last week, Xavier and I visited a wonderful daycare. It’s a learning center so he would have a curriculm and routine and growth. When we went into the two year-olds room, it had about three other kids. They had two teachers/caregivers and they were very pleasant. I LOVED everything about it and mommies, when I tell you -I prayed that it would be affordable. The Universe pretty much laughed and said yeah about that. (*insert whimper) I would have to be on the corner full-time and work non stop to afford him to go there. Le sigh. But….that just means I will find something better, right?? I have to believe that. So -here we are looking for a daycare. We have to find one soon because my work schedule is about to change. The woes of motherhood. Let me just win the lottery and then we’ll be all good.

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