Being the “Perfect” Mother

Is truly an impossible goal. The definition of ‘perfect’ is having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. How would one have ALL the required elements? Who decides what are all the requirements? When would you know that you have reached this level of perfection? Like all new mothers, I had this colorful picture of how motherhood was going to be and how I would be as a mother. The ‘perfect me’ knew automatically how to breastfeed, that I would be able to get my baby to sleep just from holding him, my house would be somewhat clean about 95% of the time and my sex life would be fireworks ALL THE TIME. Reality? I thought I had breastfeeding down but found out after two days that my baby wasn’t getting anything. He did get to sleep from holding him at a minimum of two hours. Clean house –what exactly is clean? Our sex life…insert tumbleweeds here please. Now that I’ve  been a mother a short time, I have learned very strongly that there is no such thing as a perfect mother. For every action that a mother does, another person might say it’s wrong. A stay at home mother gets ridiculed just like a working mother. You’requestioned if you breastfeed. You get questioned if you don’t. You can’t buy your baby brand name clothes but can’t just go to Goodwill. Every decision a mother makes can lean to one way or another. So to HELL with being “the perfect mother” -I am going to be the best mother I can be to my child and future children. To all my imperfect mothers, I salute and send love to you!



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