Two Years Old -OMG!

In less than a week, my little pride and joy is turning two. I’ve done the new mom thing where I look on line and see where he is on the 2 year old checklist. He’s saying more words, including our words (still thinking of more ways to say shit and damn. The struggle is real). He’s kicking and throwing a ball. He’s feeding himself better witha spoon and fork. He’s listening to commands and I will admit he is following some. Definitely not all. Hell, my husband doesn’t listen to me so I’m not expecting too much from my child. We’ve been working on colors and numbers and animal sounds and pictures. He plays well with other kids. He’s running. He’s a beautiful toddler who is about to be two years old. OMG -he’s about to two!! What does this mean?  umanoide-548408-unsplash

I then began to wonder what do we have to look forward to with a new year. Tantrums. (*Insert scary horror music) What’s the first thing you think about when you hear ‘two year old’? Terrible Twos! (*Insert scary horror music again!)  I had to look up what exactly is the terrible twos. I just thought tantrums. I found some articles and they spoke of not only tantrums, but fighting, biting, total meltdowns. My cute innocent baby boy wouldn’t like that, would he? New mom problems, right! Xavier started with his little tantrums months ago. The terrible twos started a tad bit early in my house needless to say. Lately I’ve noticed that when he doesn’t get his way, he will scream no and drop to the floor. I just stand there thinking alright here we go. We’re in a tantrum so I distract him -sing a song, grab a toy, something to divert his attention. Most of the time it works. We’ll see. But yes -we are preparing for his big day. We’re mainly going to have a little dinner with us and then we’ll plan for something in the warmer months. So, send good vibes my people —we’re about to have a two year old! P.S. Or just send me a bottle or two of wine. I’m gonna need it lol!rawpixel-973150-unsplash

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