2018 was like…

Here we are. 2019 is here and the new year brings new mindsets, new goals, new beginnings, new opportunities and a new start. Like everyone else on the planet right now, I’m reflecting on the year. Lessons I learned, blessings I received, and how life has changed from January 1, 2018 to today.

This year was full of self discovery moments with loopy roller coasters. I started this blog(YAY!) which I feel has been great so far. I plan on posting more and I’m sure with my son turning two in January, new MOM problems will increase tremendously. Through this blog, I met some great mommies and learned a lot through them. I’m hoping for the new year to connect with more women, new moms, women trying to be moms, and veteran moms because I learn from all of them. My best friend and I went to Jamaica. That was such a much needed trip for inner peace, clarity, and adventure! I will forever cherish that trip and can’t wait to go back whenever that will be. My husband started a new job and it’s looking like a bright future. He’s also streaming and doing great with that.

More than anything, I can say that I was inspired by people, specifically the women in my life and my tribe. My mother had surgery with no complications and came out even stronger. My sister in law leaped completely outside of the box and did some missionary work. My best friend obtained her college degree and moving towards her Master’s. She overcame her fear of flight and trying new things. I had two co-workers who were tested 1000x over and found so much more strength that they didn’t know they had. Another co-worker has made the decision to step outside of her box and moving forward with her career. I have three friends who were given a second chance at love; one being a relationship and two on becoming Mommies. I have a friend of mine that beat cancer. I have learned so much from all of these women. I’ve seen people shine even brighter with their life goals and walking into their life’s work. I’ve met people re-discovering themselves and how happy they are with themselves.


In my year of being extra extra vulnerable, seeing these people grow and speak their truth and live their truth was a true honor and blessing. Being genuinely happy for them  was total joy for me. I love seeing my people reach a goal, climb that mountain or seeing their dream unfold. I needed that.

Lastly, watching my son grow up has kept my heart so full. Learning how to walk, speaking more words, learning more songs and the melody to the ABCs, eating more foods, eating with his spoon, getting off bottles, sleeping his crib –everything has been enlightening looking at the world through his eyes. When he runs to me and kisses me on the cheek, it melts my heart. When he says Mommy or Dada, it’s such a blessing. I love every second of being a mother, INCLUDING the screams, the tears, the head butts, and when he shakes his head and crosses his arms. I love all of it and now approaching his second birthday, what do I have to look forward to? Potty training, sleeping in the bigger crib, weaning off formula, potty training, more words and personality. Did I say potty training? I will admit that I feel uncertainty about the future and what 2019 will look like. Maybe that’s a good thing. Every time I make a plan for a year, it goes the opposite direction. I’m going to see where 2019 takes me. I look forward to many blessings and abundance and my thoughts becoming things. I for sure know that my son will keep everything interesting and fun! 2018 was like walking in a haunted house. It’s dark and you’re not sure which way to go. Some paths led to bright colors and made you laugh. Other paths were filled with scary things that you want to walk away from but I made it through. Someone wearing a Friday the 13th mask and holding a fake chainsaw has chased me out of 2018. I just hope that I don’t trip and fall over the same ish as last year. 



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