My Holiday Recap

Peace and love everyone! I hope all is well. How were your holidays? Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa –all of the beautiful holidays that encompass this busy month. I hope that you were able to spend time with family and friends. If it snowed where you live, I hope you enjoyed it and/or it was just a quick little fluff. A little sprinkle for nostalgia sake. In the Grube house, we celebrate both Christmas and Kwanzaa. I loved Christmas as a kid but adulting and Christmas is difficult for me so some years ago, I started researching about Kwanzaa and the principles. When I met my husband, he expressed to me that he didn’t much about it but would love to get more into it. I was very fortunate for him wanting to learn more about my traditions and vice versa. This year, both holidays did not disappointment at all.


First Christmas! The older Xavier gets, I think the more fun things will be. He loved opening a gift and then playing with it right then. It was like damn all the other gifts, I’m over here. Mommy and Daddy were trying to get to open them all up first but it was about ten minute wait in between each gift. We got him a basketball hoop. Everytime Xavier put the ball in the hoop, it was a celebration! Then at one point, I would hand him the ball, lift him up and hold him like he was flying in the air to dunk the ball. Why did I do that? He loves it. I love to do it but my back has been screaming at me since Christmas. It’s been worth it.


Seeing his face every time he wanted to play warms my heart. He got some giant mega trucks, a cleaning cart (he loves to clean so I’m going to nurture this love for the time being!), clothes and books. We then spent the rest of the day with my brother watching OUR Christmas classics, Breakdown, Freeway, and Home Alone. You know…classics lol.

The next day, my husband took us to a Kwanzaa celebration at the Central Library in Indianapolis. They had food, dancing, vendors, story-telling, and arts & crafts. The place was packed –it was so beautiful. We almost didn’t go because it was freezing out and I didn’t want to bring Xavier out in the cold. I’m thankful we went. He got to play on the drums. He saw African dancers. We really enjoyed it and plan on going back next year.

Lastly -my birthday! I turned 36 on Saturday. The day before I looked for articles and blogs about turning 36. It’s such a weird number. I was trying to find any spiritual significance to the number 36. If you know, you’re not surprised by that at all. The only piece of information I could find about 36 is the age which had Buddha Gautama when he discovered himself in one of his ecstasies. We shall see what happens with that. The day was alright but the best part was my husband got me two sessions at the Indianapolis Salt Caves. For anyone who loves Himalayan salt lamps, meditation, and relaxation –you will love this. I was able to do a salt cave treatment and a hand/food detox. It was a wonderful relaxing two hours and I will definitely do that again. I wish I had taken pictures but honestly it would not have done it any justice. If you like the things I mentioned, please go check it out!

So tell me about your holidays. Did you have fun? Was it just another day? Share the love my people! 

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