Let a Kid be a Kid

The husband and I are doing good on the holiday front. We are already have a ‘tree’ up. My sister in law purchased ‘My First Christmas Tree’ at Walmart. It’s perfect if you have a toddler. It lights up, plays music, comes with nonbreakable ornaments and if they knock it down, who cares -it’s plastic. It is available on Amazon at https://amzn.to/2URJvb4 and it’s probably too late now for you to order it but there’s always next year. 

Last weekend, we got all of Xavier’s gifts. We are done. All we have to do is wrap them which we probably won’t until the weekend before so that he’s not trying to rip into them. He’s already taken his picture with Santa which like so many other wonderful children, he was not having it. My husband took him and everyone in the picture is smiling at the camera but Xavier. He’s crying, his hands are in face, he looks like he’s cussing my husband out –it’s too funny and I will treasure them forever. A friend of mine asked me why are we perpetuating with the lie of this man breaking and entering into our home to bring gifts that the parents bought. I just chuckled and let out a sigh. 

I get it. I truly get it. For me (and our family) -strictly my opinion -before I mentally became an adult at the age of 11 and completely picked up on how the holidays were full of commericialism and capitalism, the holidays were about magic. I still remember the feeling I got when watching A Charlie Brown Christmas or making something for my parents and seeing their faces when they opened it. Christmastime brought families together. I loved when Dad would take me and brother out to see the houses covered in Christmas lights. I loved decorating the Christmas tree. All of it was fun and colorful and exciting. When I got older, I still loved the movies, decorating the tree but then it was trying to find the perfect gift. I remember one year where I got my family almost everything they talked about all year that they hadn’t gotten for themselves. That was a great Christmas because they kept saying I really needed this or that. That’s what I want for my son (and future children). I want them to experience that magical feeling of being a kid during the holiday season. They have the rest of their lives to know what bills are and working and surviving. I want him to enjoy his childhood and not look thinking dang I’m old at the age of 15. Again, I repeat, this is my feeling. For those who don’t feel like that, I understand and support you for feeling that way. Until next time my people. 

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