Oh December. The 12th month of the year, the 12th chapter of the this novel that is 2018, it’s the beginning of Winter, beginning of red and green holiday decor, cheerful songs about reindeer, one particular with a shiny nose, lots of rushing and moving quickly and…it’s my birthday month! Yes I was born at the very end of the year, almost to the last day and I just realized yesterday that my birthday has always been a day of reflection. Because it’s at the end of the year and it’s during a time when most people can’t do anything because it’s so close to the holidays, I would chill in my own space thinking about the year and what, if anything, I’ve accomplished. A true day of reflection. I may need a seat at a bar for all of the thinking I’ll be doing about this year.


At first I was thinking that my goal for the month of December would be reflection. I need to reflect on the year of 2018 and that I am turning (EEEK!) 36! This year has been full of ups and downs. I made some decisions without thinking about IT and some decisions, I stewed over so much that I had to find a therapist. I learned more about myself than any other year in a long time.


2018 started off with a new one year old! What an adventure of having a one year old -taking his first steps, saying Mama, his fascination with the movie Coraline and how we have to watch it EVERY NIGHT, he spending a night without me, finding his love for guacamole which is still a trip for me, learning to brush his teeth, and sleep training. Man,  we have done a lot. He has grown up so much. Motherhood woke me up in so many ways and I’ve learned just from watching him. He makes me slow down and remember to breathe and realize that Life is short. I just want to enjoy everything with him.


I started my blog (YAY!). I’ve met some awesome mothers and bloggers. I took a girls trip to Jamaica. I went back to school. I’m learning Italian. Several of my friends became mommies. 2018 was definitely a great year of soul expansion.


2018 also made me focus on my roles. I’m more than just a wife or a mother or an administrative assistant. I’m so much more than these titles and I am finally trusting the woman that I am. So December, the 12th month of year, will represent FAITH. Taking the leap. Jumping without the worry and guilt. Knowing that I will land on my feet and everything will work out. When I trust and surrender my worries and fears, things always work out. The last couple of months, I was trying to figure out everything on my own. When I did let go, not only did things work out but a new picture was manifested and it’s a great one. I’m so excited for all of the great things coming. It’s like when you know that greatness awaits, what do you have to fear? So December focus is raising my vibration, having a higher frequency and trusting the Universe. We got this.


Until next time my people 🙂  


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