Blogger Recognition Award

Peace and love everyone! I send you so much love and good vibes. I hope this Wednesday has been good to you far. I am super late on this but I finally have a chance to acknowledge this wonderful blogger but more importantly, a mother –Messy Mama. Last month, she, rightfully so, received the Blogger Recognition Award and in return, nominated my blog. Life threw me for a loop so I couldn’t respond as quickly as I could but I am now.

To be recognized for my thoughts and venting sessions and love of being a mom is so special to me and close to my heart. I am truly thankful for this.


I found Messy Mama on Twitter. She asked the question what has been the hardest part of becoming a parent. I answered the question and started following her blog and have loved it ever since. She speaks the truth. She’s honest, funny and so relatable. I’m so glad to have found her.

Blogger Recognition Award

The Blogger Recognition Award is awarded to bloggers by their peers on the characteristics of hard work and talent. For some of us, running a blog is much more than a hobby. It’s a desire, a way of life, and an outlet. Bloggers are recognized for putting their heart and soul into their blogs and maintaining their sites. Hard work and hours of dedication we put into our writings and more hours of promoting it is acknowledged and appreciated by fellow bloggers.


Write a post showcasing your award

Thank your nominator

Share a short story about how your blog started

Share two important pieces of advice to bloggers who are just starting out

Nominate 15 other bloggers ( I only have 5 but I love meeting new bloggers!)

What’s a Green Loc’d Momster anyway??

I decided to start this blog honestly because I wanted to meet other new moms and other women trying to be moms and pick their brains. After trying to conceive for four years, I finally got my wish. I found out I was pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy. The first three months as a mother were brutal and rough and I truly had no idea. Although I had people in my corner telling me that I was doing ok and that the beginning of motherhood is rough, I was not prepared. After that,  I wanted to meet other moms and let them that they are doing ok and that they are a great Mom, no matter how they’re feeling about themselves. I wanted to talk about crazy growth spurts are and breastfeeding and how I hadn’t pooped in three days. But…I couldn’t just go out and stop another mom on the street and say these things without having the police being called on me. So I started the blog so that I can talk about these topics and hopefully find other Moms who share the same shenanigans I do and talk about them with me. It’s my own safe space. The name came from having green locs and that I have been told I’m a Momster at times. I don’t see it but you know…whatevs.

Advice to Bloggers

1- Do not, I repeat, do not compare yourself to anyone -other bloggers, other mothers, other mom bloggers because that will swallow you alive. You do not have to write like anyone else. You do not have to mother like anyone else. Be You! Be your authentic You! Speak your own truth because guess what –it’s your truth! Nobody can take your truth away and nobody can speak YOUR truth.

2-You are not alone in your journey. Every blogger has started with that first thought and first post -not sure what to write, is it going to make sense, will people read it, will people like it. All have been there and made it through and so will you. If you want to write a blog, just start writing.



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