Thoughts of Gratitude

raul-varzar-749952-unsplashAs November is now coming to an end and we’re approaching the 12th chapter of 2018, I wanted to list the things that I’m grateful for. This list is a mere small reflection of all the blessings in my life. I will admit that October and pretty much all of November was very hard for me on a personal level. I’m still working through it but focusing more on the good and great and what’s coming my way instead of what’s behind me. So I wanted to have a gratitude post.

I am grateful for….

  1. Having the opportunity to be a mother. Xavier is learning so much and shows me something new about him and myself everyday. I absolutely love being a mother.
  2. For the fact that I can be as goofy and crazy and ridiculous as I want to be in front of my husband and he will laugh every time.
  3. For days like today. It’s about the end of November and it’s 54 degrees outside. I’m loving that I can take Xavier out during this time of year where it’s not too cold but not too hot and he can enjoy it,
  4. The laughs I get from my friends and co-workers. Sometimes a simple joke or meme or text can brighten my day all the way up.
  5. My family. My family is my everything.
  6. For my blog because it allows me to talk things out about motherhood and life otherwise.
  7. My job. Despite the fact that I am mentally exhausted and physically drained (and I’m just the admin!), I have met some great people in my co-workers and for that I am grateful.
  8. @Kevonstage. Can I just say that his videos bring me so much joy! I’ve had a moment where I was crying my eyes out in my car and can turn on one of his videos and feel so much better.
  9. Meditation! When I can do it, I feel so much better afterwards. My mind is constantly going going going -meditation calms down the thoughts and lets me focus.
  10. Music. Music say the things I can’t. Music pulls out emotions I try to hide or act like they aren’t there. Music is so powerful in my life that I couldn’t imagine not having it.

What are some things you’re thankful for? Shout them out and celebrate the blessings that surround you. Until next time my people! 

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