Why I love Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone on this Thanksgiving Eve. Let me first send you positive vibes and energy. I send you so much peace and love because it definitely needed. Now having said all of that, I must admit I have been thinking about Thanksgiving food for the last week or so. Just fat. I have been torturing myself by looking at different recipes, pictures of other people and their meals on Pinterest, salivating at the thought of eating tomorrow —food excites me. I love food. I love good food and I love to eat. It is simply a wonderful feeling to get full off something that warms your soul. I got very deep with that and if you don’t love food, you might not understand the joy I’m exuding right now. Anyone who really knows me is reading this and probably laughing out loud because they know just how much I love to eat.

Thanksgiving -the holiday of family, friends and food. As a child, when we read about the origins of Thanksgiving, I did not quite understand the greatness of it and why were we celebrating the notion of stealing land and resources from a group of people only to then say let’s share a feast that we stole from you and take on the idea of brotherhood. Yeah – I was a little Malcolm X in grade school. As I got older, I made myself forget the origin and look at the present. Thanksgiving is a great holiday because out of all the holidays, it is the most genuine (IMO). You’re seeing family that you might not get to see all the time. You get to have all of your comfort foods in one place. I can’t say there won’t be any judgement as to HOW MUCH you eat but still, you can eat it. You can literally be Professor Klump (shout out to Eddie Murphy and his team) and have no shame. You can create moments too on Thanksgiving. Xavier is too young now but in a couple of years, I will enjoy having him peel potatoes like my father made me do every year. I can’t wait until he’s in the kitchen with me and his father waiting patiently to ‘test’  every side to make sure they’re just right. We love watching movies on Thanksgiving too. For last couple of years, I’ve watched Boomerang.  Sometimes I make my family watch with me. They enjoy it. Now, why would I watch Boomerang with the wonderful cast of Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry, Eartha Kitt, Grace Jones and Robin Givens? Because of the hilarious Thanksgiving scene with David Alan Grier and his parents! If you don’t know, please go to Youtube now and look it up. It’s so funny. As I am typing this, I’m laughing. That’s how funny it is.  

Thanksgiving isn’t really associated with gifts so there’s no rushing to the stores or trying to find the perfect gift. Now -yes, within in the last couple of years, the powers that be have moved Black Friday to Black Thursday which at first really pissed me off. I would make the point why are they forcing them to work on Thanksgiving just so you can save 20 bucks off a TV when if you compare shop, you find an inexpensive TV all year around?! Then one day I read a very good point. The people working on Thanksgiving may not have a family to celebrate the holiday with so going to work is their choice. I get that. I understand that but I still do not do Black Friday or Thursday. I don’t care for it.

Got off subject for a minute. Thanksgiving is just that –giving thanks. It reminds you of love and gratitude and family and jokes and….how much you love pouring gravy on your turkey, mashed potatoes, greens and dressing. The face you make when you walk into the dining room and see all of your favorite foods and cousins and Aunties in the same room. It’s such a wonderful feeling. So on this Thanksgiving Eve, if you’re reading this while cooking tonight, remember to cherish these moments. Hug your families. Laugh when your Uncle tells the same story that he tells every year. Humor your Grandmother when she asks for help in the kitchen. And when that family member comes that you haven’t seen in awhile, embrace them. Enjoy the company and love the day…along with your turkey (cornish hens for us), mac and cheese, green bean casserole (never even heard of it until I met my husband), and eat eat eat! This is the one day the entire world is pigging out so enjoy!

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