We Have a What?

Hello everyone. Peace and love to you. I hope all is well and that you are doing good. I always say if I haven’t swapped my scrubs for khaki, orange or red, I’m doing alright.

So this past Tuesday,  I’m at work trying to keep myself from screaming at the top of my lungs because my desk looks a tornado hit it, came back in reverse, hit it again and then decided to stay…when I received an email from my husband. First three words -Mouse in house. I’m a mother now so I thought it was a new book we needed to get or maybe Xavier said it from seeing something on television. I wasn’t sure and I couldn’t find out because I was pulled away from my desk. Four hours later, I come back and go back to my emails only to realize that I’ve gotten two more from my husband. I skim through and gasped.

We have a mouse in the house. The little gray bastard ran past the bathroom door, scaring the ish out of me. I’m picking up traps after work. Let’s eat out tonight.

I went from terrified to a happy hungry hippo like ooh we’re eating out tonight. Yes, my mindsets change with food. Anyhoo, the mouse. When I get home at 630p, Ian has already armed our home with 20 mouse traps. SN: He and I met while working for a pest control company. Although I hate mice and other vermin (yes I used the word vermin), I wasn’t worried. That mouse picked the wrong house to warm up in. We leave, eat out, I had two margaritas -it was a great night but come back home, nothing had been caught. We go to bed and try to get some sleep.

When we sleep, we usually have some type of music or sound on. Meditation or soundscapes or baby lullabies tend to be the favorites of this house and this night was no exception. I knew that if I didn’t have any music on, I would think every single sound would be a mouse, a rat, some form of a four legged creature with claws and sharp teeth and somehow will pull me into the black hole of hell. (If you haven’t realized by now, I have a wild imagination!)

My husband and son slept comfortably like they always do. They’re robots. I swear they are. At the wonderful time of 4:15 am, I heard a snap. At first I thought something fell off the bed. Surprisingly my husband heard the snap and got up to check. The little animal was of course caught in our room, not even a foot away from my son’s crib. My husband takes it out, checks the rest of the traps, comes back and says it wasn’t a mouse. It was a vole.

A what? A vole, a small rodent cousin to the mouse was in our house trying to get warm. I will say that out of living in this house for almost two years and having our backyard surrounded by trees, this is the first time we’ve ran into this issue. That’s good…however, if they come in this place, they will get caught. Just saying.

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