11 Life Goals on My Bucketlist

Peace and love everyone! Hope all is well. I have to give my apologies. I have not a chance to blog in the last week or so and I hate it. I made a promise to myself that I would prioritize and still blog on top of school, working full time and being a mother. I would say I haven’t blogged because lack of time and lack of a calm mental mindset.  I’m doing pretty good on balancing school and work and motherhood but need to fit blogging in there. I eventually want to make blogging full time and I will get there. I am determined to move forward with my goals and dreams. So in honor of getting back into it, I want to list eleven (11) things on my bucket list to get things moving. Today is the ultimate day of manifesting. 11 is the number of duality and spirituality. It represents power, abundance, and spiritual truths. 11 creates a powerful energy for the day that allows us to all awaken to a new potential. I’m going to take advantage of this powerful day and put my goals out into the Universe.

  1. Attend a yoga and meditation retreat in Bali.
  2. To meet the Obamas (specifically the President and the First Lady. The Universe would end up sending me Lionel and Heather Obama instead of Barack and Michelle!)
  3. To meet a blog reader in person
  4. To meet with a group of Mom and lifestyle bloggers to talk about life over drinks.
  5. To build a home for my parents.
  6. Have a meaningful career where I’m helping people and making money
  7. Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy (Which I’m actually scheduled to do next year. Hopefully nothing will change in my life before February.)
  8. Go tandem skydiving
  9. Cut down a Christmas tree for my son.
  10. Watch a movie outdoors.
  11. Have a meaningful conversation With a stranger

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