Not this year!

Peace and love my people. I’m sending you good vibes and energy on this mania that is today. As Halloween was coming to a close, I am reminded of last year. Xavier was about 9 months old and for what seemed like the forever, he was sick the entire month of October. The back and forth of a stuffy nose to a runny nose, coughing, sometimes a fever, no appetite –the whole month. It was horrible because I didn’t want to do. Whenever he would cough or sneeze, my heart ached. I tried humidifiers, vapor rub on his chest and feet, and at the last result, baby Tylenol. He looked so miserable and like I said, I hated it. It was torture.

So me being the new mom, I was taking Lysol to everything. I wiped down doorknobs, light switches, doors, car seats, floors –any and everything I could to keep out the germs. Did it work? Probably not. At that time, my husband worked in a call center and I worked in the infirmary of a prison. We were always surrounded by germs so it’s not surprise our dear little one caught something.

It’s something about Octobers. One year, my husband and I had a weekly date at the 24 hour dentist. First Friday he had to get a tooth pulled. I think the second week, he had to get another pulled. I lost reasons why on the 3rd and the 4th Friday. He even joked about it; that at least he was taking me out every Friday. I wasn’t amused and his only saving grace was that his dental insurance at the time was freaking awesome. For a $800, $900 procedure, we would pay maybe $20. So because of this, it was all good but yes it was every Friday in the month of October. I will add that I’ve never had an issue so yay for me.

Here comes Halloween and we have a lion costume for him. He’s not having it. He didn’t want to eat much or do much of anything. We went to our family’s house like usual and we put him in his costume for about five minutes. Although he looked absolutely adorable, I scooped him up and we went home. He was miserable. We went home, tried to watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! He wasn’t feeling it. Ian tried to carve a pumpkin with him and again, Xavier was like nope. Not having it. I understood all of it though because it wasn’t feeling good.


This year, knock on wood, we have not had any issues. Xavier has had sniffles but nothing major. I tackled this year with more hand santizer, Lysol wipes for every single room, we purchased a Vicks Vapor Rub Cool Mist humidifier- I treated this like we were at war. I said to myself NOT THIS YEAR! WE AREN’T DOING THAT AGAIN. Now, could I have really prevented it? He goes to the babysitter with other children. I still work in the infirmary at the prison. My husband is an Uber and Lyft driver so he comes across any and all kinds of germs. We’ve been lucky. So far so go.


Although it rained the majority of the day, luckily it stopped long enough for him to be his dinosaur costume. He had a lot of fun. Only roared twice but still. I was going to still try to watch The Great Pumpkin but he still wasn’t having it. Maybe next year.

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