My Top Halloween Movie List

Hello everyone! Peace and love to you on this wonderful Friday! The weather isn’t too bad here in Indianapolis. Hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow because I want to check out a pumpkin patch and corn maze. As I was looking for one to go to, I saw an ad for a haunted house. Then I thought to myself damn, Halloween is not that far away. Thank goodness we’ve already ordered Xavier’s costume. We haven’t had him try it on yet (insert cough). It’s still in the box…but it’s bought. We’re kind of winning, right?

In honor of Halloween though, I wanted to write something about this day. As a kid, the holiday was hit or miss for me. I remember trick or treating and my father taking my brother and I out. We didn’t wear costumes but we did get our faces painted so that was fun. The best memory about Halloween was I got to take my best friend at the time out for trick or treating for the first time. She was a Jehovah’s Witness so trick or treating was out of the question. I remember that we met up with some friends and walked around the neighborhood. We were 13 so we were too cool for costumes but we had a great time. I remember her saying she couldn’t believe she’s missed this and how much fun she had. I thought that was cool to be a part of that. The WORSE Halloween memory was when I was invited to a Halloween party. I was in the 8th grade and was okay friends with the person who invited me. So I begged my father to get me a costume and I got all decked out. I showed up and NO ONE was in a costume! Silly me -when I hear Halloween party, I’m thinking you dress up for Halloween so I did. The party was packed and my silly ass was dressed up as a witch with the paint, the wart on the nose and the hat. I think I even had a broom. Oh yeah -I was ready to win this phantom Halloween costume party. To make things worse, I was dropped off. Dad went to the gym so there was no calling him at home. And for the millenials -no cell phones at this time so I couldn’t ask him to turn back around while I fake a sickness. So I mentally cried my heart out, grinned and beared it for 2 ½ hours! Le sigh. I’m not still bitter about it. It’s over (as I hide my voodoo dolls lol). It has taught me one thing though that when this situation arises with my children, I will ask them questions so that they can ask questions. Something like double check about a costume because you don’t want to be the only person there dressed up and can be the talk of middle school for weeks after the party. Just guessing.

Enough going down memory lane, this Halloween blog post is going to showcase a list of my favorite scary Halloween-ish tripped out movies to watch in October. Please note that I have not watched a single one this month and I have a week and a half left. I need to get on it.


The following movies have a hint of horror in it; particularly for the time it came out. I don’t typically get scared off them but they are fun to watch.

  1. Beetlejuice – It’s funny. It’s creepy. It’s Michael Keaton -the genius! I have a love for Harry Belafonte because of this movie. This also prompted my love for Tim Burton as you will see on this list.
  2. The Craft – I was a weird child back in high school so when this movie came out, it was a great fit for me. I wasn’t into goth or ‘devil-worshipping’ but did I wish that I could cast a love spell on my crush(ES) or cast on spell on the girls who would always start shit with me -hell yeah. I’m not even going to lie about that. I just won’t tell you who I more identified with.
  3. The Witches – This is a childhood classic for me. When it came out back at the beginning of the 90s, we were still living in Germany. If you’ve seen the movie, it’s located in Europe (specifically England). Everything in the movie looked like Germany so we would always think witches were all over the place. Call it a wild imagination. We definitely had that and the movie just made that worse.
  4. Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton. I don’t know how or why but as a kid (and still as an adult), I was drawn to his work. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Sleepy Hollow, Batman Returns, Corpse Bride, James and the Giant Peach, Mars Attacks -I loved all of them. When Nightmare Before Christmas came out, I remember being so excited to see it. I was the only one out of my friends that wanted to see it. In fact my reputation of being weird (but cute and fun) got worse from wanting to see this movie. I still love it.
  5. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! – Do I even need to explain this one?
  6. Vampire in Brooklyn – Ok…before you say anything, yes it’s campy and goofy and tacky at times BUT it’s Eddie Murphy, it’s Angela Bassett, it’s Allen Payne, it’s  Kadeem Hardison. To see Eddie Murphy in a different type of role, it was funny for me.


I am going to try to find time to watch at least half of this list before the month is over. If not, here’s my list. Pick one, grab some friends and popcorn and watch them for me. Happy October and Happy Halloween my people!

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