My Joys of Motherhood

Peace and love everyone. I hope all is well. With all of the ups and downs going on in my life, I wanted to do a quick post about enjoying the moments as a mother. It is truly amazing watching Xavier. He’s 20 months now and he is showing us his personality every day. I love how he will carefully sit down a toy to walk over to another. I love how he will hit us but immediately follow up with a kiss. It leaves me bewildered but at the same time, the kiss and hug afterwards is golden. He’s mimicking some of our words. He’s saying things like dang and wowwwww. I had to add the extra Ws on Wow because all of us, the entire family, does an exaggerated Wow and it cracks me up everytime he does it. When someone in the room is laughing, be it family or a stranger, he will join in the laughter with a very loud precised laugh. It demands your attention! He waves and says hi to everybody. We took him a Chinese festival a couple of weekends ago. The festival had food vendors, representatives from the Buddhist Cultural Center, dancers, and much more. Xavier made sure that he said hi and waved to everyone he walked by. One little girl ran when he waved at her. He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. He waved again and kept it moving.

He loves music. He is always moving to a beat or creating one on his mini drum set OR on our pots and pans. He’s learning more words and when to use them. My heart melts everytime I ask if he had a good day or a good night sleep and he’ll respond Yup and do a little nod.

He knows how to use my phone. Always sending a text or calling someone or finding the games I put on there. He’ll swipe until he finds it and will play. He’s brushing his teeth which is awesome.

He’s still very picky when it comes to food but we’re working on it. I keep presenting him with different things. He’ll nibble and then give me a look. It’s almost like he’s going to give a thumbs up or down or a Simon Cowell no. He is definitely a character.

Motherhood is very exhausting, never-ending and a lot of time, can be lonely. On the other side of the coin though, it’s gratifying, it’s love, and laughter. I love so much watching him grow and being more confident. I can’t wait to see what new feat he accomplishes tomorrow.


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