Feeling Overwhelmed

Peace and love everyone. I hope all is well with you. I have to vent for a minute. The feeling of being overwhelmed is slowly starting to take over. I keep looking at my calendar and think to myself the following thoughts: School starts in two weeks. You have a doctor’s appointment next week. You need to get your blood pressure down. Ignore those ‘pregnancy’ symptoms. You’ve been duped before. Calm down with Ian -let him be a Dad. You need to organize. You need to figure out everything. You need to organize, organize, organize!

mohamed-nohassi-531501-unsplashCan you see my mind gradually growing into a volcano that which will eventually erupt? I know that everything will work out and I have to listen to my inner voice who knows everything is going to work out. Every now and then -I shush that inner voice and hear another one that say Have you lost your mind? Are you insane? How are you going to do this? How am I going to work full time, go to school full time, a mother, wife, blogger, business owner, work on this body and somehow get sleep???

Whew! How my mind works, it’s very exhausting. I’m getting tired and anxious just typing this up. All I can do though is continue to meditate, utilize my family and friends to watch Xavier when I absolutely need, and keep my eyes on the prize. The end result of all this? I have several. I will have another baby. I will continue this blog and reach more people. I will graduate college and finally get my Bachelor’s degree. My husband and I will be in marital bliss 🙂

So yes I am feeling overwhelmed. Yes I am losing my mind but I will do this. I have to. Until next time.

P.S. If you hear about a green loc’d black woman found on the side of the highway rocking back and forth with a pet for a squirrel, just let me put on some makeup on me and the squirrel before you take a picture.

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