October Goals: Enlightenment

Peace and love everyone. I hope all is well with you and your family. It’s been okay on this end but I will admit, I have had to self check myself a couple of times. It’s been up and down the last couple of weeks. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before how emotional I’ve been. Just crazy emotions for one spectrum to the next and everything in between. It’s finally subsided (thank goodness because I’m not about that life) but for a minute, everything was a trigger for a deep ugly cry. I felt like an emotional mess of colors with no sense of direction. art-by-lonfeldt-643138-unsplash


It was a trip but like I said, it is finally gradually slowing down. Instead of crying at every song or whatever scene in my head that I’m playing on repeat, it was a quick sniffle on the very last episode of Golden Girls when Dorothy gets married and ends up leaving her mother there. The girls kept saying goodbye and crying and more goodbyes. Anyway -I’ve been getting better. Listening to 90s music on the way to and from work has helped out tremendously.

So the last week or so, I’ve been thinking about goals for October and what my focus should be. I’m still working on self care and healing but I need to take that next step.I need to focus on moving up and out. I started reading about the month of October and its significance. I found out that for the month of October, it’s all about awareness. It’s Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness, Breast Cancer awareness, Domestic Abuse awareness, and Mental Health awareness. October represents growth, manifestation and harvest in the spiritual sense. In fact,  the three laws of spiritual manifestation this month are good Intentions, do no harm, unbiased passion. I’m reading all of this and meditating on it and then it hit me. Enlightenment. Being enlightened or having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook. Being open-minded, informed and AWARE. Being aware. Being present and in the moment. From my last post, you’ll find out how I feel about good ole’ October and all that is coming. With so much going on, I need to make sure that I enjoy each moment and be present and be enlightened by what is around me. I need to soak up every smile, every cry, every laugh, every memory because life is going to move so fast and swift that if I’m not present, I will miss out. So my tribe, my people -October’s focus will be ENLIGHTENMENT. I want to be in the moment and be enlightened by everything that surrounds me. Life can be blur if you let it so I want to be fully aware with my eyes and ears and heart open.

I will admit that I have many thoughts about this month. One is fear and another is growth. The top one though is excitement. I’m excited for what is coming. Greatness and even more happy moments are on their way so I am excited. I’m excited for all of us. So join me in welcoming October and hold on tight! Until next time my people.

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