Have I lost my mind?

Hello everyone. Peace and love to you on this Super Soul Sunday! Can you believe it? October starts tomorrow. October, October, October! The tenth month of year, the month of manifestation and the seeds that you planted months prior. October is the month that begins the holiday train. Every year it seems like when October 1st comes, I have to hold on tight because that’s when days roll together and before I know it, it’s the first of the year. It always feel like that.I have a feeling now that I have a child, the time will go even quicker. Luckily, I have already put up fall decor in the house but now it’s planning more comfort food meals and menus since I’ll be cooking more. Husband and I are talking about how we need to order our little guy’s costume. That’s today! Then it’s preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. January comes and Xavier turns two (insert sniffle sniffle). THEN husband and I will be going to Italy for two weeks. My life will be one large economical power-saving washing machine. The stand up kind that doesn’t make a lot of noise. Yup -that’s me. Why am I asking if I lost my mind? Because aside from my October goals (which I blog about in my October goals post), October will be the beginning of a few things.

First -I have decided to go back to school. I have been going to University of Phoenix off and on since 2013. The first time I withdrew around the same time we lost the house so my mind was nowhere near focused. The second time I withdrew was a month before I had Xavier. I knew that at least the first three months of his life, I would be home and school would have been the last thing on my mind between lack of sleep, breastfeeding and lack of sleep. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been receiving emails and phone calls from an academic advisor. God bless her -her emails were so sweet and welcoming:

Hi Cassandra! I have a feeling you want to come back to school but I just need to hear you say it! Here’s my phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX and email youdoit@uofphoenix.edu and you can contact me day or night. I am here for you. I am here to make sure that you, Cassandra, will complete school and get that diploma. I believe in you. Take care. Yay Phoenix!

Of course I am exaggerating it in my best Jerry Maguire voice but after about ten of those emails and then being so proud of my bestie becoming a college graduate, I thought to myself you need to finish. If anything, you need to finish. So October 23, I will be adding once again full-time student to my life journey along with wife, mother and working full time. Have I lost my mind? I will admit that I am scared. I know that countless women have done it. Even more so, girls in high school and women in college or single mothers ALL have done it very successfully and exceled beautifully!! I’ve seen a picture floating on social media of this young lady doing her school work just before or after she delivered a baby! So I know, I know it can be done. I then give myself the pep talk with my favorite affirmations that I can do this. I can and will do this. I can do this. (Insert The Eye of the Tiger melody)

Does it stop there? No -the fun just keeps on coming. Why am I getting a workout and nutrition plan? Why I am joining a Zumba class? When will I have the time to go to a Zumba class and yoga? Since I’ve been working on my eating habits and holistic healthy living so I found a gym where I don’t have to sign a contract. They offer hip hop zumba, yoga, and I think boot camp. I am not going to do boot camp but for months, I have been saying to the Universe and my husband it’s too bad that there aren’t any yoga classes close to me. Man it sucks that I can’t find a Zumba class. Now one has presented itself to me so how can I turn it down? I asked the Universe for this. I practically manifested this so I have to receive. Am I insane? Have I lost my mind? Am I really going to do this all of this AT THE SAME TIME? Yes, yes I think I am. Toast to October!

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