What I Learned on My Jamaican trip

Hello everyone. I send you much peace and good vibes. I am back from my vacation and have so much to share. I am going to try to keep it short though because I don’t want for you to read a novel.

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Negril Jamaica with my best friend. We stayed at the Samsara Cliff resort under the all inclusive plan. The all inclusive included three meals a day plus drinks at two different locations. Samsara Cliff is right on the water with breathtaking views, an authentic Jamaican vibe whereas their sister company Legends is right on the beach. We were able to eat and drink for free at both. First of all, before I even get into the beauty of the resort, getting to the resort was an experience all in itself.

When we landed in Jamaica, I’m thinking the resort is close by like it is in America. Usually lodging is close so when our driver told us to get comfy because we have an hour and a half drive to the location, I just laughed. We didn’t believe him at first until he said we will have one rest stop on the way. Say what? A rest stop just to get there. That was an adventure. We were hitting the road when everyone was getting off work, kids were getting out of school -it was busy, We were driving through towns, saw goats, almost ran over a couple of people -it was interesting to say the least.

We finally get to our resort and check into our rooms -it’s time to eat and drink. It had been a long day since our flight from Indianapolis was at 7 in the morning. Samsara Cliff is absolutely beautiful. We had the water and Mother Nature in full abundance.  It was so beautiful -all I could do was inhale it. Take it all in.

Some things I did on my trip: I got a hot stone massage on the cliff. I tried several Jamaican meals such as callaloo, Red Snapper, jerk pork, rice & peas, plantains and loved every bit of it. We also tried gunieps while on the road. I did yoga at sunrise and meditated at sunset. We danced to a live reggae band. I floated in the Caribbean Sea. (Note that I didn’t say swam. Yep -can’t swim.) I danced in the rain….and I did try Ganja. It was quick. It was cool. I mean -when in Rome. 

During this trip, I really focused on having a good time and allowing myself to have a good time. I didn’t think about work or how my house looked or if laundry was done. I didn’t think about any of that. I wasn’t upset with my husband or my job. I didn’t even have any stomach issues with the different kinds of foods. I have a little theory about what’s going on with my body but that’s another blog post. I would look at myself in the mirror naked and say you look pretty good girlie. I accepted compliments (because they were dishing them out left and right out there) without my usual ‘yeah right-you’re just talking’. For the first time in a long time, I let the world in instead of shutting it down immediately. What I mean by the world is I let go of fear and spoke to some of the locals, I tried different foods, I wore clothes that I normally wouldn’t — I was the Cassandra that I tend to shy away from with my normal crowd out of fear what they might think. Trust me -not everybody can take me. I’m goofy, have a dark sense of humor, can be too honest sometimes, or can completely shut down and disappear without even thinking about it. I knew though that anyone I met out there, I will never seen again so why not be goofy. Why not talk about what’s on my mind even if it sounds like I just ate some trippy mushrooms? Yes, I reenacted a scene from Harlem Nights for one of the patrons and she had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. I opened up and it felt great. It gave me more confidence in being a mother and a wife and knowing my worth. I feel like a better person because of this trip.20180910_121609_HDR-COLLAGE

Now…I will admit -I missed my little guy hard! I cried the night before and the morning we left. I was good during the trip. I did speak with my husband every day but not too much to not enjoyed myself. It was beyond great experience and I’m so glad we took the trip. Next trip? In five months, hubby and I will be in Italy for two weeks. How I will do that without my little guy again? We shall see. Moral of the story -mommies, you definitely need to take some time for yourself. I’m not fully suggesting taking a trip across the world but I can say because I took this time, I recharged and got some rest and came back with more positive vibes than I left with. Yah Mon! It was worth it. Until next time, my people.

3 thoughts on “What I Learned on My Jamaican trip

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  1. Very good my friend! I still remember the questioned conversation we “thought” we never had just like yesterday. Lmao 🙂 That my bestie goes in the history 📚! What a wonderful time we had!


  2. We just arrived home from our October vacation at the Samsara. We are a lot older than you, and it has something for those reaching their senior years too. Great place. I enjoyed your post.


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