My NOT SO Guilty Pleasures

Hello everyone. Peace and love to you.I send you good vibes and energy and smiles. Sometimes it’s hard to smile. Even a fake one but if you think one thing that makes you laugh and smile, hold onto that all day. I promise you that it will make the day go faster. At my last job, I was working in a call center which became very mundane day in and day out, call after call after call. Fortunately they allowed us to bring in our IPODs to listen to music in between calls (or very softly). I would download favorite scenes from movies and play them during the day and sometimes the whole movie depending how bad the day was. I remember one day listening to Boomerang with Eddie Murphy all day long. I think I replayed the Thanksgiving scene five times and would laugh just as hard as I did the first time. (Can you tell how much I love Eddie Murphy?)

Alright -got slightly off track there but that’s okay. This is going to a quick but fun blog post. I am listing what my NOT SO guilty pleasures whether it’s a new TV show, music, food, way of thinking, any and everything. By the end of my list, tell me what you are digging at the moment and possibly longer?

T.V SHOW: I will admit that I am secretly, not secretly in love with Donald Glover/Childish Gambino. I have low key turned into a stalker of all of his work. I heard of him prior to the ‘This is America’ video but the video just blew me away. So much in fact that I must have watched it over a hundred times, watched all of the breakdowns of the symbolism that he had and still love it. So because I’m looking for everything with him in it, my husband and I (yes, I am dragging my husband into this) are now binge-watching Community on Hulu. The show itself is hilarious. It’s definitely our sense of humor but it doesn’t hurt that Donald Glover is beautiful, funny, a genius and goofy…I mean Troy Barnes. SN: I have watched Atlanta and also loved that. 20180905_141220

MUSIC: Anyone who knows me know that I love all music. I speak with song lyrics and dance moves. I live music. I can honestly say there hasn’t been a genre that I have not liked. Even with country music, I do have one favorite. I know -just one but at least it’s one, right? I love ‘I hope you dance’. It makes me cry every time I hear it. Lately though Suzanne Vega and Meshell Ndegeocello have been in heavy rotation when I’m driving alone. If Xavier is in the car, it’s children’s songs and Disney all day but when it’s just me, I’m playing these two ladies and getting my mind right after a long day.

SUPPLEMENT: For the past two weeks, I’ve been taking Papaya Enzymes chewables. I got the idea from visiting a Brazilian Steakhouse. Go figure, right. So I ingested all of this wonderful food and the waiter says that they have a dessert called a Papaya Cream. He said that in Brazil, the Papaya Cream is their signature dessert. It’s great for digestion and heartburn and bloating. I ended up getting the dessert and it was the bomb but this was also around the time that I wanted to find more natural ways to deal with my high blood pressure and stomach issues. Finding out about this was right on time. The next day, my husband bought me the chewables (because I can’t take pills) and I’ve been taking them daily ever since. I’m not as bloated and when I am, it subsides quicker than TUMS (for me!). They don’t taste half bad either. I love them and will continue to use them.

INSTAGRAM USER: I am constantly on Instagram (BTW I’m @greenlocdmomster on Instagram -naturally lol). In fact now that I have this blog, I’m always on social media whether it’s promoting, sharing, meeting new people, and laughing at the crazy things people do. I have four peoples that I look forward to looking at on a daily. @Kevonstage is my go-to for the holding my stomach, laughing out loud, must watch a couple of times Instagramer. He is freaking hilarious and I hate that I missed his show when he came to Indianapolis. He says everything I’m thinking or feeling. If you haven’t heard of him or checked him out, please do. You’ll enjoy it. For my new mom stuff, I somehow found @quinnwhooo. She takes the dopest pictures of her and her daughter. She’s funny and I love her tats. She has a great eye for things and advice. Another great mom instagramer/blogger is @awesomidmmom. She’s a wonderful mother, funny and informative on being a mother of an autistic teen.  Then for my spiritual growth I would say @womanofthewomb. I love everything about her page, her family, her advice -everything.

(This list could go on forever so I’m going to do one more must have.)

FOOD: Sourdough bread. Yes I know, random and not a very good idea for wanting to lose weight. However, it’s been sounding so great toasted with some butter and strawberry jelly. Yes-such a chub chub but I love it. I don’t even know why but eventually I will have to trick my brain and get something healthier but right now, sourdough -you the man!!

So that is my current list of favorites. I hope you enjoyed it and please list below what is on your current must have. Peace and love my people!


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