My Fall Family Bucketlist

Hello everyone. Peace and love to you and yours. I wish you good vibes and good energy. My week has been up and down like usual but it’s all goodie. It hasn’t been anything I couldn’t handle. Plus I have some things to look forward to. My trip (as you know), things are getting better and better with my blog and Autumn. Yes -the ultimate season of change and letting go. I read this quote about Fall that said “The trees show us how lovely it is to let go.” Think about it. The leaves change colors and showcase its beauty. Then they fall and essentially die, thus getting ready for Winter. In the meantime though, it allows us to enjoy the coziness that is Fall. Now that my son is a walking toddler, I just keep thinking about all the wonderful things we can hopefully do this year. Last year, we did have him pick out his own pumpkin and when we carved it, he was not liking the gooey feel of the pumpkin guts. Plus he was sick so we tried to do the least amount of things. This year, I’m going to speak it into existence that the cold he has now will end before we officially get to Fall. So with the excitement of the season, I went looking for things to do with my family. Despite the fact that I will get to wear boots and sweaters and that I can drink more hot chocolate, I wanted to share some things I’d like to do with my family, Here is my Fall Family Bucket list.

  1. I definitely want to visit a corn maze. The fact that he’s walking now will make things so much more interesting. Course….by then he might be running. Won’t that be fun? I’ll be sure to take a video of Daddy chasing him through the maze.
  2. We plan on going back to a pumpkin patch and having him choose his own pumpkin.
  3. We didn’t get a chance last year but I want to go to an apple orchard. I don’t think I’ve ever went to one so it’ll be a first for both of us.
  4. When I met my husband, he told me that his family has a tradition of taking a hay ride in September. Every year we’ve went and we’ll continue as long as it’s available. (If you live in Indianapolis, we take the hayrides in Eagle Creek Park. For more information, click this link.  
  5. The kid in me loved playing in the leaves. I used to do that for hours. Yeah….I guess you could say I was a weird child. I won’t steer my child in the same direction but if he gets amused at kicking leaves and throwing them in the air, who am I to stop that happiness? jakob-owens-172511-unsplash
  6. One year, my husband and I went to a Fall Festival where we made our own scarecrow. We went to Goodwill and bought some old clothes, stuffed him with the hay and named him. Don’t quite remember the name but it was fun nonetheless. I’m hoping this year we’ll check out a Fall Festival.
  7. Last year, I made white chicken chilli and apple dumplings for the first time. It was absolutely delicious and I am so ready to pull out the crock pots (yes -plural!) and whip up some new recipes.
  8. Lastly, football season. I don’t watch it much but I know that my husband, father and brother cannot wait to get Xavier in their favorite team jersey and see his excitement when watching a game. If anything, I will get some funny pictures of them looking so serious and intense at the television with a football in one hand and a sippy cup/Coke can in the other. 🙂

Does it seem I’m excited about the Fall season? If so, it’s true. I cannot wait. I’m tired of the 90+ heat. Like I said, I am ready for my boots, cardigan sweaters and warm blankets. What are some things on your Fall bucket list? Leave them in the comments. I might find a new tradition.

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