Let the Detox Begin!

Morning my people! Peace and love to you on this Saturday. I wanted to do a quick blog about my first time trying the Hey Girl Detox Tea -Chocolate Mint. Before I start, I want to explain why I wanted to do a detox. I had a couple of reasons. I wanted to get rid of any toxins and unwanted entities in my body. Mentally and physically, I wanted to cleanse any and everything that wasn’t good for me. Also I thought it might help with the trying to conceive status. I’ve been changing how I eat, drinking more water and really focusing on what I put in my body so the detox would be like giving me a new start. I decided on Hey Girl because honestly I was drawn to the name. I know that sounds very simple and perhaps silly but after reading about other ones, it felt like that was the nudge from the Universe like a friend of mine telling me to try it. I know right -I sound really Cuckoo for Coco Puffs but it’s the truth.

I made the tea last Wednesday night. They advise to drink after dinner or before going to bed. So I did so, drank it in one of my favorite mugs for support. That night I was blogging but felt the rumble in the tumble. I woke up the next morning, went the bathroom as usual but no number #2. It wasn’t until 9 something when Xavier and I were in the playroom and I was reading a book to him about colors when things didn’t feel quite right. I called my husband, told him to be on kid watch and I ran to the bathroom. I will spare you all of the gory details but throughout the day I went to the bathroom three times and it was not a pretty sight. Luckily my husband was there to man the ship or else it would have been a very horrible situation. Now the pros and cons so far:

Pro -I have only drank it that one day and lost two pounds and have maintained that. I’ve been eating to the same but still a loss. I plan on doing it again a couple more times but that is a good result. My First DayTryingHey Girl DetoxTea

Con -I’m not sure what I was expecting regarding the taste but it has a small hint of chocolate and I do not taste any mint. I didn’t add any sugar or substitute but I might next time. I’ve been reading reviews about it and seeing how people drank it every day for a week or two weeks. Do these people have jobs or lives?! Before I relieved myself, my stomach was in knots and dull pain. I could not imagine trying to do this and going to work the next day and then having to deal with limited bathroom breaks? The bathroom is right by my office at the job but then I would turn the person I glare at all the time. Blowing up the bathroom when you KNOW that somebody works right there and can hear and smell everything you do! I digress but yes I will try again and I will continue to document changes and weight loss. Until next time.

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