I can walk too!

When people say that once you have children, you are not you anymore but more of just the parent. Hey Tommy’s mom! Let me introduce you to Lorena’s Dad. Hey! How’s Kristy doing? Started walking yet? It’s like we don’t even have names anymore. When l meet a group of people, it’s Hi Xavier, oh hi Cassie like it’s so horrible to address me!

I went out to dinner by myself last week. I’m telling you the planets aligned at the right time that it allowed me to enjoy a meal without the pickiness of my husband and the extraness of my son. I ended up going to Mississippi Belle. If you live in Indianapolis and love soul food, I highly recommend Mississippi Belle. They are so good. (SN: If you do, remember to bring cash. They have not and will not invest in a credit card machine.) So I’m there, ordering a wonderful amount of food when the waitress we as a family usually have sees me and looks around. She asked about Xavier. I told her it was just me. Aww that’s too bad and walks off! No how are you doing/how are things? Just a shaking of the head and walked away. I brushed it off thinking it’s cool, I’m going to eat my food and chill. She comes back five minutes later, not with a refill on the tea, again not asking about me but says ‘Well, how’s he doing?’ I proudly say he’s walking now. She then talked about him for ten minutes. Ten whole minutes of describing how she wished she saw his first steps and she can’t wait to see him again. She didn’t care that I was dying of thirst or that I can walk too! No, she just wanted to know about Xavier (insert petty snarkiness!). Is this how it’s going to be? I am now nameless but more like a noun to a possessive noun -Xavier’s mom? I am no longer the writer, author, poet or daydreamer but the toy-holder, sippy cup washer, laundry sorter, snot-wiper to Xavier. I thought the role of wife was a lot but this is…this is something to get used to. wade-lambert-486181-unsplash

P.S. This is an all in fun post. I love being a mother and knew what would happen once I became a mother. It’s just something else I need to grasp. It took about a year to get used to someone calling me Mrs. Grube. It’s been a year and a half and I still can’t believe I’m a mother a.k.a. The Boogie Wipe Wiper.

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