8 Ways to Wine Down! (Pun intended)

As moms, women, human beings, we have to have something to bring us back to our happy place when things seem to be all out of whack. When the job is feeling more like a job or when your spouse has truly gotten on your last nerve or your child is laughing at how far the splatter of food flies in the air -you need to have something for you to calm the storm, slow down the heart rate and ease into your peace of mind. If not, you will slowly fall apart from within, the cup will be empty and you won’t even have strength to hold yourself up, much less everything else. So in honor of finding new ways for myself to get out of a funk, I wanted to share eight ways that I have used over the years and more recently to keep Cassandra as sane as possible.

  1. Adult coloring books. When this phenomenon first hit the scene, I thought how would this look me buying one of these? After staring at the large overflow display in Michael’s, I grabbed two and said what the hell -this is for me and my mental health. Forget everybody else. I loved to color as a kid. It was calming and left me with a sense of accomplishment at the end when I saw my masterpiece. Why couldn’t I have that as an adult?
  2. Meditation. This is self-explanatory.
  3. Yoga. Another one that doesn’t need an explanation.
  4. Wine. (insert pouring into glass now)
  5. Watching my favorite Eddie Murphy movies. As a kid, I loved his movies so much that I convinced myself that Eddie was a long lost uncle to my father because they acted so much alike. My family and I still to this day joke about how Eddie will show up to the family reunion one day. What are some my favorites? Trading Places, Coming to America and Life.
  6. Dancing. I will throw on Rick James, Janet Jackson or James Brown in a minute and get down with my bad self. Is that still a saying?
  7. Affirmations. A couple of years ago, I started listening to affirmation recordings about love, money, life choices. It’s a great way to focus your brain on positive vibes and steer you in the right direction.
  8. Look at old pictures. Go through your photo albums, your phones, or find some old photos. Think back on those memories and laugh about what’s going on in the picture. Relive those memories or that moment in time. Experience it all over again. Feeling good in the moment does wonders for your mindset and body.

The other day, I was feeling really dreary. I had cried a couple of times with no particular reason behind it. I ended up doing five of these on this list. Sometimes you need one. Sometimes you need more than one. Also -the ones I listed is not for everybody. Not everyone drinks wine. Not everyone wants to meditate or do yoga. Some people don’t like to dance…though who wouldn’t want to dance? Crazy people who also think Eddie Murphy isn’t funny! Sorry -got off topic. Find something that works for you and pull that one out anytime you need to get back to you and your center. Have a great one my people.


One thought on “8 Ways to Wine Down! (Pun intended)

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  1. It is so important to take care of yourself. I’m generally a happy person, but there are times like you, when everything gets on my last nerve! I could definitely relate to a few of the things on your list😄 Eddie Murphy movies, love them. And yesss to music and dancing. You already know how I feel about wine lol! Great post on self care. Although it’s a cliche, it’s true, you can’t pour from an empty cup.


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