The Indiana State Fair with a Toddler

If you live in Indianapolis, you know that the Indiana State Fair is going on. My husband and I always love going to fair. The food of course is the best attraction but it was a good date day for us. We would go as early as 9 in the morning and would leave around 7 or 8 at night. So needless to say, all of the calories we took in with the corndogs, elephant ears and ice cream would be gone by the time we got home. Never tried any of the deep fried stuff. I know -that’s the big part of the fair; trying foods you normally wouldn’t. Eh. I’m not saying I wouldn’t but I just haven’t. Now that we have a child, the fair is still a lot of fun but I see it in a whole new different way.

Last year we went to the fair and Xavier was 8 months old. We kept him covered in the stroller mostly and he was drank a lot of formula. We maybe stayed for 3 or 4 hours and left. It was hot. We were extra tired from walking and it seemed like no matter where we were, we always ran into the smoking areas so I was done with that. This year, he has an appetite like his mother and father. Whatever we ate, he wanted and would make sure he got some. If we were in an open area, he’d want to walk. After doing that for five minutes, I was exhausted. I love it that he wants to walk all the time but he had no fear. Crowds of people, rides, the trolley –he would head for them and I would quickly scoop him and would say over his cries ‘hey -let’s get back in the stroller.’ Now I will say that even after a year and a half of being a mother, it still shocks me when strangers walk up to you and asks what’s your child name and how old are they. I’ve been obsessed with children the majority of my life and I have never walked up to someone and asked them what their child’s name or how old are they. It’s a trip to me. That was all day at the fair. Yes my child is adorable and yes he was soaking up all the attention but like I said, it was a trip.

The best part of the fair this year was that they had a circus.  I will admit, I’ve always been iffy about going to a circus even before I had a child just because I never liked the fact that animals had to be caged and trained and couldn’t live in their natural environment. Yes -I am one of those people. The only animals used here were horses and they weren’t out very long. It was a wonderful show. It’s an hour long with six performances and it was FREE! It’s in an old school circus tent and expect to be hot inside of it but they do provide fans. The three of us really enjoyed it so if you have kids or if you want to sit down for an hour, check it out. It’s only three more days of the fair so go and enjoy it.

Another great part of this visit was me facing a fear. When I was younger, I loved the ride that was like a huge swing set. You’re in a swing going around in circles and feel like you’ve flying over the trees. I loved it. I would ride it sometimes two or three times while at the fair. As I got older, in my head I would ask myself what the hell are you doing. Are you crazy? Girl you could die! So I hadn’t ridden it in awhile. This year, I saw it and thought hey I can do this. My husband said we have wills now so he and I will be fine. Thanks for the support, husband! I did it. At 35 years old, along with five other KIDS (ages probably ranging 6 to 14), and told myself it would be ok. It was…we went up in the air, nice gradual pace, calm and collected. Then it moved a little faster. I thought hey it’s ok. I closed my eyes, smiled and said trust and surrender. Ian said I looked like I was praying for dear life but I really wasn’t. I was embracing the moment. Then the ride started moving up and down which made the swing leaned forward. That’s when I was like omg I’m going to hit that tree. OMG I’m going to fall. I can’t see my family anymore. How high are we??! What was I thinking? What was I trying to prove by going on this ride? Am I screaming too loud? Is that little girl laughing at me? OMG I shouldn’t have had that corn dog. OMG ok, ok the ride is over. Ok I’m still alive. Ok I’m good. Ok -thank you Universe!

If you live in Indy, say hi and let me know if you went to the fair. What was the best part for you?

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  1. We just missed the jersey state fair like 2 weeks ago because our girl is just only 4 months so I know it would have been too much for her! I’m sad I didn’t get to indulge myself in all things fried haha


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