August Goals: Self Care

Peace and love my people. I hope that you had a great Monday, if not great -ok and if not ok, you have survived because you are reading this and I am sending you love through this post.

So August is halfway over ALREADY and I just realized this morning that I had set some goals for myself without any prep or planning behind it. Usually I’m a planner where I think everything out, write everything down and have a plan A, B, C all the way to G. I stop at G because I usually get mind boggled and say forget it. This month’s ‘goals’ truly crept into my brain and before long, I started doing it. Lately my focus has been self care. One day I decided to cut out soda and alcohol. For those who know me, alcohol is a big one for me. I love having a glass of wine when cooking dinner, cleaning the house, reading a book, sifting through old pictures, daydreaming about being at a winery or watching afternoon commercial about erectile dysfunction. Basically, wine goes with everything but I told myself to back off it for 30 days. I’m drinking more water and green tea. I’ve cut back on my portions and meal prepping. I’m actively trying to cut back on pasta which is so hard. I’m doing more yoga now and saying my mantras all day long to keep from going crazy. So far I’ve only said I’m losing my mind every three days instead of every day. I am trusting and surrendering. Ok -I’m trying. I can’t say that it hasn’t been hard but I am trying.20180812_204638

The last couple of days I’ve thinking and reading about detoxes. I want to do cleanse to flush out all of the toxins and rebels that are attacking my body. So that sounds like the infomercial that runs during Judge Judy and Maury Povich. It’s true though. I want to get rid of all bad energy and I’m working from inside out. Plus and new moms, please tell me if this happens to you or if I’m just tripping and my body is going crazy –ever since I had my son via C-Section, everything I eat immediately bloats my stomach. Sometimes it passes but sometimes it hurts. I have sharp pains all through my stomach to my back and have to lay down for it to ‘calm’ down. Some days I’m scared to eat because I don’t like that feeling and it is affecting too much of my day. So I have purchased Detox Tea – Mint Chocolate Flavored. I was on Amazon like I always am and did a 20 minute search for detoxes. I read a lot of the reviews and felt a good vibe so we shall see. It should arrive tomorrow. I will blog about this journey because I’ve never done a detox or cleanse before. If you have or if you’ve tried this one, tell me about it. Tell me the good and bad –I need to know. My next venture is looking at holistic healing. I need to find some natural remedies for my aches and pains and mental anguish that I go through on a daily. Since I’m not drinking, life has been a dark and beautiful storm. I am so grateful and thankful for my family and friends and the abundance that is flowing into my life but it’s been getting harder to dodge the negative energy. With a glass of wine, I would generally throw up the thumbs and say AY like the Fonz. Now…not so much. So for August, self-care has been on the forefront and fortunately I’m not even thinking about it. I’m just doing it. We’ll see how things go.

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