Sorry I’m Emotional. I blame the Retrograde!

This Mercury Retrograde has been really kicking my ass. My emotions are over the place. Everything just seems to be out of whack. My phone, internet and laptop have been losing its mind. This has probably been the most difficult storm but I am working through it. Because I know it’s the Retrograde, it is easier for me to laugh at the pain and constant slips and dips of everyday life. Last Friday was so over the top horrible that I was ready to run away from the job by 7:45am. I got there at 7:15! But I just laughed. I told myself that this is a storm but you will not get swept away. You will not get picked up and thrown and left for dead. You will stay grounded. You will look up in the eye of the storm and watch things unravel and reveal themselves. Even if I did get pulled up and through, I know it’s temporary. I know this whole movement will pass and once the dirt and grime and rain clears, I will see the sunshine and good vibes and Mother Nature at its calmest. I just have to trust the journey, know that everything is working out the way it is supposed to and surrender to it.

Along with the Retrograde, last week has had another twist. Xavier went back to going to a  babysitter. Due to some financial issues, we decided for Ian to be home more and watch Xavier. It worked out in several ways for our family. We saved tons of money on childcare but also he and Xavier got to bond more. When we first moved into our house, it was always me and Xavier at night and the weekends. My husband was either working all hours or resting from working all hours. It got to be stressful for both of us and we never got to see each other. So when this became a possibility, we made that decision and luckily, it worked. We didn’t miss his first steps and got to see him evolve from a baby-baby to a toddler. I especially enjoyed it because finally my husband could see what I was doing on a daily basis. Yes -other parental -it’s more to it than eating and sleeping LOL!

So we decided it was time for him to go back to the babysitter three days a week. She’s like family to us, he’ll be around other kids, both Mommy and Daddy can get some things done around the house and still have quality time with him. I will admit I was nervous at first because it had been six months since he’s really been around other kids. I was envisioning our child going from cute and cuddly with us to spoiled and bratty with them. No sharing, just yelling and crying. She said he’s doing great and the other kids welcomed him with a big hug. I was at first thinking how about we keep him home but I’m happy we didn’t. He needed that interaction and I’m glad it’s somewhere we trust and he’s safe. But it also reminds me…he’s just growing up (insert sniffle sniffle!)

Any changes or updates with your little ones? How did you feel when your child  went to daycare/babysitter for the first time?

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