Why Green Locs?

Why the green locs? What do they represent and when are you going to change them

I think I’m asked this at least a couple of times a week. When I decided to start my locs, I knew that some people might be uncomfortable with them. Some people might associate locs or dreadlocks as something dirty, unkept, or lazy. When I started them, a co-worker even said to me ‘No I’m not really feeling the hair.’ My response to her was Fortunately you don’t have to worry about my hair because what I do isn’t for you. This is for me. Starting my locs was one of the best decisions I ever made and have no regrets. I’m kind of tripping off the whole faux locs movement but to each their own. I can’t knock somebody else’s decision for how they do things. I can only be proud of my journey and I am embrace it! I have never felt so freeing with my hair than I do with my locs. Shout out to FreshLocs for getting me started and has been taken care of my crown for about five years now 🙂

Last year I had been going back and forth on getting color. I already had brown with tints of red but I wanted something else. I wanted to make a statement about me for me without having to say anything. Locs speak for themselves anyway. When I see someone who has locs, even before my journey, I would stare.

They we20180609_160716re and are beautiful how they grow and the patience it takes for them to grow. I remember looking at my loctician doing his wife’s hair. She had green. From the beginning, I admired her courage on her color choices. She’s had blue, pink and green and her hair was never disappointed. I was looking at my hair color choices. I was thinking blue, burnt orange or green. We chose green and I was happy with that because that was my initial choice. Green for me represents growth, life, renewal, fertility, nature. If my body and spirit is a vessel and the roots of life, my locs are what grow from that – energy and harmony. It was the perfect choice. Fortunately for me, my place of employment is not affected by my head to toe appearance. They don’t have a rule that I couldn’t have either my locs or green locs so I moved forward.

People keep asking me if I’m going to change the color. No I will be riding with these for a long time. Although the locs are the image of me on social media, if all of this ended today, I would still have my green locs. They are my crown and I will forever adore them.

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