What’s Xavier up to?

Hello beautiful people! I hope all is well and good with you. Life is good. We have our good and bad days like everyone. It seems to be more of a merry-go-round since Xavier turned 1 ½. I don’t know why but the weeks leading up to turning 18 months, my little Munchkin has turned into a rebellious teenager who I can’t understand. It’s too early for this….right?

First – his sleeping. He’s sleeping in his crib and getting to sleep has been fine. The past week or two, though, he’s been waking up at exactly 2am, screaming, crying, losing his mind only to falling asleep with me minutes later. I have noticed that he’s been wanting his cup more in the middle of the night so I’ve been giving him that. Of course, he’ll be sleep by 2:15 am and Mommy is wide awake. Most nights I can’t go back to sleep until 4:30 and my alarm goes off at 4:44. Next thing I know, I’m at work at my desk dozing off and being startled by the phone ringing. After three or four days of this, I ran to the wonderful prophet that is Google (jokes) and looked up 18 month old not sleeping all throughout the night. Immediately 18 month sleep regression, 2 year old sleep regression, toddler needs help sleeping popped. In fact it was 110K results that told me one thing –I was not alone. So I read up on it and it basically explained that this is on schedule so to speak, this will pass only to happen again in six months, throw in the teething and we have a normal regular sweet toddler. That calmed my nerves. Then I thought yay -looking forward to this again!

His eating. Like I said before on the Baby-Led Weaning post, I tried giving Xavier solid foods early but it didn’t take all that well. So we went to baby food and slowly bringing more into his diet. Now, anytime he sees us eating, he’s on it. He is making his way over to you and so help you if you don’t give it to him. He definitely has our love for food. What we’re running into, though, is that he’ll take food-food, chew it but won’t swallow it. He’ll eat and swallow chips, Cheetos, (things my husband gives him) but regular food, he’ll eat and swallow at first but then it’s nope, I’m spitting it out. I’m thinking because he’s eating junk food during the day, when I get home and hold up some carrots or chicken, he’s like nope Mommy. So we’re working on that.

His favorite word is no. He’s walking which warms my heart to see. He’s placing his lime green basket on his head and walking around with it. That’s been kind of interesting. Even more so when he’ll walk into the wall and laugh. That is something. Don’t understand it but he loves it. If I attempt to take it off, it’s WW3. He’s also starting to throw his toys around. Like dumpster trucks, dinosaurs, learning toys -tossing them across the room and will laugh. So I did something I didn’t think I would be doing so early. I stood in front of him with my heels touching, I bent down and said, “Since you’re tearing up your toys, I’m going to give them all away to a child that wants them.” Oh yeah -I put my foot down, pointed the finger and everything. It was not a pretty sight. Unfortunately though he wasn’t listening to me but sitting in front of the TV watching Bugs Bunny. So I followed with “Yeah. That’s right. You sit there.” I then sat down next to him. It was Bugs Bunny.

On top of ALL OF THIS, my husband has decided to take on a venture that will allow him to work from home and make some money. I’ll talk more about it the closer to the day he actually starts this but just know, he’s not going to be a gigolo. I asked if he would and he said he wanted to be a good role model for Xavier. So….is that a no?

So what is your toddler/baby doing? Do you have a question for a veteran Mom? Veteran moms -what advice would you give a new mom (or ME!)? Until next time, peace and love my people while I clean up the mashed potato stain on my shirt.

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