I cannot believe that July will be over in the next week. It feels like it was just the beginning of June and here we are -about to go into a new month. August will bring new opportunities, goals and ideas. I just read that August is National Black Business month where black businesses are recognized. Also it’s Happiness Happens month. It’s a time where you can share your great news despite those who don’t want to hear it. Share your happy thoughts and moments and ideas and triumphs! Hopefully your tribe of friends and family all would be happy for you and cheer you on. jeremy-dorrough-602363-unsplash

So what’s the happs with me? Since we’ve booked our Italy trip, I’ve been learning Italian. I’m doing pretty good so far. If you need to learn a language, I highly recommend the Memrise app. You hear the word, see the spelling, practice both saying and spelling it and it has videos of locals saying the word so you can hear the correct pronunciation. I am so excited to go too. It’s been a dream of mine to go so the fact that this trip has manifested makes me so grateful. I am also preparing for my trip in September to Jamaica. Jamaica has forever been on my mind since the first time I heard Bob Marley. Never thought I would go but once again, the Universe made it possible for me and my best friend to go so I am literally counting down each second.   I definitely believe that travel is good for the soul so if you have an opportunity to even get out of your city and explore something new, do it!


Xavier just had his 1 ½ year check up. I can’t believe my little one is halfway to being two!! It truly is incredible. Everything went well. He’s 26 lbs. He’s doing well in the weight and height department. He’s walking, climbing on everything, throwing tantrums, snuggling, teething and learning all the time so she was happy with that. She did give us a questionnaire of 20 questions regarding his milestones and development. Everything was all good except that he doesn’t point as much as he should? Her example was if a plane flew over or if a car drove past, he should be pointing at it and asking what’s that. It kind of rubbed me the wrong one. Out of all the things we could be worried about, I wouldn’t think not pointing at a moving car would be an issue. But she then followed up with he’ll probably start pointing at everything. Sure enough, he has pointed at the television, a bird, and my eyeball. In fact he poked said eyeball so I think it’s safe to say he’s doing good.


Other than that, I’ve just been living the dream. You know -surviving off two hours of sleep, trying to figure out how much longer I can work without losing AND tripping over my marbles, and I have stopped drinking soda and alcohol. I’m not going to drink either one for 30 days. My husband thinks it’s a plot to murder him but I’m just trying to clear my mind and cleanse my body. That’s all. I promise.

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