My July Project: The Playroom

I love home decorating! I love finding new looks and combining colors together for a theme. I don’t like spending my money but when I do have it, I love changing up a room to set a tone or a mood. When we first moved into the house we’re currently in, I thought oh yes, I have a true empty palette here where I can go all out and deck it out how I want it. I’m a very zen-ful, good vibey incense burning kind of person so I was happy that my husband didn’t mind me splashing each room with a picture of a Buddha or a relaxing candle or sticking a Dream Catcher on the wall. This month, I focused on my son’s playroom. He originally had a jungle theme with the giraffes, elephants, tigers and birds. For a baby, I thought it was cute because he had a toy box full of stuffed animals so it only made sense for a jungle theme.

Then I was on Pinterest one day. One day –ha! I’m on there every day. I pretty much Pinterest obsessed. I need a bajillion dollars so I can buy everything on there. (My page by the way is 🙂 Please join in the beautiful chaos of my mind through the boards!) I was looking 2nd birthday theme ideas. Yes I’m planning now. It’s in six months but a lot is happening between now and then. I’m looking at the themes and see dinosaurs. Pinterest of course has everything from banners to cut outs to dinosaur jello molds to dino games and DIY ideas on decorations. It was bananas but then I thought why not get into the spirit of dinosaurs now so when his birthday comes, he’ll love it even more. I know right -power of persuasion. So I went to my second favorite obsession -Amazon. I started ordering everything I could (within reason) dinosaur and get things ready for the debut.

One way that I can change his room so quickly is decals. I love wall decals that I can slap on within an hour or so and it automatically set the tone. Plus I’m not having to deal with painting, fumes, messes and repeated do-overs. First I took down all of the decals and cleared all of the toys on the floor. You never know how much a child has until you have to clear it all up. My little man has a lot of toys. Probably too much but I digress. Then I swept and mopped to clear out of the old energy. Next I put up about 20 dinosaur decals and yes I roared with each one. I strategically put dinosaur footprints on the walls. Okay they don’t look strategic at all but it sounds good. I placed the foam mats down and smiled at my work. Yes -I was proud of myself. Peeling and pressing decals on the wall is hard work (insert a hearty chuckle!) At that moment, I tapped out and pulled in the husband. He did the hammer and nail stuff so I was grateful for because he can fight with our thin walls better than me. I found a giant dinosaur head that was drilled into the wall. I love it and fortunately for me so does Xavier. Everything was up on the walls. All that was left was the grand finale. I found a decal of a dinosaur eye as if he was peering through the door. It looks creepy but it was perfect. I had to get it for him. I actually got it more for my husband but he’s a big kid too so it works. Here are some pictures below.


The cuteness factor of all of this -Xavier is opening his mouth showing all of his teeth and roaring at everything. It’s so adorable.

So that was my project for July. It took about three days in between laundry, work, and more laundry. What do you think? What goal did you check off this month?

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