Parent Fails: Unavoidable!

Alright time for some honesty. As a new mom, I am constantly learning. When they say that a baby is born, so is a mother, it is 100% true. We as new moms (new parents) are learning as we go, asking for advice or given unsolicited advice, reading, watching and thanking the Universe every night that you and your child survived another day. Along the way, however, mistakes are made. It happens. It’s going to happen. Unfortunately there is no way around mistakes but as long as you learn from them and share your knowledge, I think you’ll be good. So here’s the honesty part: I am going to share three mom fails out the hundreds I’ve made. Yes I’m only sharing three but I’m sure I’ll do a part two, three, part 847 blog posts of more mom fails. I would like to note before I list them that I am a new mother, my child and I have survived these and these mom fails have only happened once so I have learned from them. These are teachable but laughable moments so laugh and share with me.

  1. Sigh. I had just bought a new stroller for Xavier. The first one we had is huge and couldn’t fit in my trunk or it left little room in the backseat so I wanted something smaller so when it was a nice day, I could pull it right out and we could take a walk. I was visiting my father’s house and this very thing happened. The weather was pleasant so I thought we’d take advantage. The three of us were heading out the door but I was having a little bit of trouble with the straps in the stroller to buckle him in. I tried for a minute and then thought we’re just walking. He should be fine. Laziness. Just laziness. Dad and I are walking and talking when we come to a dip in the road. It was a deep enough dip that when I hit it, it tilted the stroller forward and Xavier flew out onto the curb. He cried for a minute but got up. I panicked (of course), picked him up, kissed him, put him back in the stroller and tightened those straps as hard as I could while leaving him comfortable. Lesson learned: Don’t be lazy. Connect the straps.
  2. Le sigh again. My mother came over to visit one night to chill. She and I are talking while Xavier is crawling around the living room. I’m watching him as he’s tosses his toys around, pushing his toy cars and throwing paper on the floor. A typical day. At one point, he’s playing over by a floor vent which he’s done many times before. This time he starts whimpering. My mother says Sandra his hand is stuck. I reply no he’s fine. SN: sometimes, sometimes my mother can exaggerate at a situation so I listen but don’t listen. This time I should have because he started crying and was trying to pull his hand out. His finger was in fact stuck in the vent. I ran over, gently pulled his finger out, kissed him and brought him over to me. I immediately moved something over the vent and thanked my mother. Lesson learned: Always listen to your mother even if she can be a little extra.
  3. Ugh. I must preface this was a joint parenting fail. Not sure if that makes me feel better or what but here it goes. My husband, Xavier and I went out to eat at one of my favorite places, Cheddar’s for lunch. We always order before our meal the chips and salsa with queso and meat. Xavier loves tortilla chips so I gave him a couple. He saw the salsa and wanted to dip the chip in so without thinking, I let him. He dips two more times and then it dawned on me -I didn’t even try the salsa. It could be hella spicy!! Sure enough it had a slight kick to it at the end. My husband tries it and says he should be ok. It’s not that bad. RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT, Xavier starts panting and whimpering and covering his mouth and threw his chip on the table. We quickly gave him some water and pushed the salsa as far away from him as possible. I felt so terrible because I’m thinking he has burns and lesions in his throat. Fortunately he was fine after that and enjoyed some rice and chicken strips. Lesson learned: ALWAYS check the food before handing it over. ALWAYS.

Okay. I have bare my soul of three mom failing situations. I’m human. I’m learning and constantly getting better with each teeny second. I thank the Universe every night that we’ve survived another day and hope for great things the next. Parenting -what a job but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So parents, you must share. You can’t leave me hanging. Give me some of your mom/parenting fails. It’s alright -this is no judgement zone!! We’re all still learning.


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