Product Review: Tranquil Bliss

Product Review!!

Hey everybody! Hope all is well. Sending peace and love to you on this Sunday. This blog post is a first for me as the Green Loc’d Momster. We have a product review! I am super excited and cannot wait to share this with you guys.

I have been contacted by Jahzara Bradley, an Indiana native who is a writer, an artist, a massage therapist and has created her own fragrance line called Tranquil Bliss. She specializes in making her own alcohol free hand sanitizer, incenses and soy tarts. I have the pleasure of reviewing the incense and hand sanitizer.

So first of all, I love incenses. Incenses and me go way back to freshman year of high school. I was always lighting them while listening to some 1920s jazz. I was that type of teenager. When she told me that she makes her own, I was on it. When the package arrived, I could smell through the paper. I lit two yesterday -one before I left out and the other while meditating. I lit a third one today in my laundry room. You can never go wrong with lavender but the good thing about hers is that it’s not overpowering. It doesn’t dissipate quick by any means but it’s not so strong that you want to put it out right after you light it. It’s very calming and light. Like I said, I’ve lit three already and I’ve had the package since Friday. I would definitely recommend lighting this incense anywhere in your home. My laundry room feels very warm and comforting and not because freshly cleaned clothes are in the dryer. I will definitely checking out more of her incenses as I will be ordering some in the near future.




Next I checked her hand sanitizer. The first thing I said to her was having a toddler around this house touching everything in sight, what mother wouldn’t want alcohol free hand sanitizer? I got the package and immediately thought it looked like lotion and it might be greasy or it might be thin and liquidy. I am happy to say that it was neither one of those. First -it’s made with all organic products. It’s smooth, doesn’t leave your hands dry but it’s not watery. The one I have is scented with Lavender. Again, I am a fan of lavender but she had a plethora of scents. For the kid in you, she has the Inner Child Scents such as Bubblegum, Dreamsicle, and Cotton Candy. Along with Lavender, for the Tranquil feel, she has spa like, Eucalyptus and many more. This bottle will be going into the diaper bag. The one personal extra about this product is I work in a prison where we’re not allowed to being hand sanitizer because of the alcohol contents. I would be able to bring this in so I’m happy about that. 


I am all for great products, particularly those that keep mothers and women in mind. I had a lot of fun with this and glad that I had the opportunity to do so. When you get a chance, check out Jahzara and Tranquil Bliss on her site and see for yourself the products she has. Enjoy! Until next time my people.


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