20 Things that Make me Happy

Hello July! Happy new month, new possibilities, new opportunities, new thoughts, new ideas, new dreams, and new goals. It’s time to renew and recharge. I thought I’d start this month off with things that make me really happy. I thinks sometimes we as people but particularly women, focus on what we don’t have and don’t want and what is wrong and not what makes us happy and smile and feel good. I will admit that I’ve been a blah mood for the last couple of days so like Peter Pan said (Yes I am quoting Peter Banning a.k.a. Peter Pan from the movie Hook) –In order to fly, you have to think a happy thought. Just one happy thought. So to get me out of my funk, I need to fly over it. Instead of one happy thought, I found 20 so you could say I’m flying high right now on cloud 9.

  1. A baby laugh
  2. The smell of the Earth after a rain
  3. Re-watching the movies Trading Places or Coming to America with my family and husband and still laughing like it’s the first time seeing it.
  4. Making someone laugh
  5. Receiving messages from the Universe
  6. A bath towel just coming out of the dryer
  7. A Miles Davis record
  8. My son sleeping, eating, walking, dancing, singing –just being here!
  9. Dreamcatchers
  10. My husband and son playing
  11. My mother and father sharing a laugh
  12. The Prince song Adore
  13. The first bite of a favorite meal
  14. Getting my locs washed
  15. Sipping on a glass of Moscato
  16. Saying a corny joke and my husband laughing at it
  17. Someone sharing a fun memory about us
  18. Ebony Opium incenses
  19. A really good glass of sweet tea!
  20. When I make a joke and I’m cracking up myself! I am so goofy.

Tell me some things that make you happy. If you can’t think of any off the top of your head, steal some of mine. I don’t mind. I’m blessed to have more than one. Until next time my people, enjoy your super soul Sunday!

2 thoughts on “20 Things that Make me Happy

Add yours

  1. 1.Changing my journey
    2.Feeling unbound
    3.Watching my sons developing into young men
    4. A rainy gloomy day
    5.Watching my great nieces grow.
    6.Learning new things about myself

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