Trying to Make Mom Friends

I had a number of reasons why I started this blog. It was a chance for me to start writing again. I can put my motherhood on display and learn from others. Lastly, to meet people -to meet my tribe of women who are going through the same things, stumbling down their path. I have this want of meeting them and talking and sharing and supporting them. That’s why after Xavier was born, I was fixated on finding other new moms and conversing with them. I wanted a group of women, old moms and new moms and we just have a fun back and forth discussion on big topics like lack of sleep, breastfeeding, and ways to hold your baby while eating cold beefaroni out of the can because you can’t put the baby down to cook. This is what I envisioned and crazy enough, I have a wild imagination so everything down to the location and attire were thought up. None of it happened though and one day, I wondered about it. If a new mother wanted to meet other new moms, how would she go about it? I say new moms to meet other new moms because we all would have something in common. We’re happy, excited, nervous and freaking out. Finding a support system when everyone is going through the same thing can do wonders. If I’m stressed about breastfeeding and if you’re calm, we can help each other. If a new mom needed a way to relax and calm her nerves, I’m your buddy. I’ll read some positive affirmations, say a couple of chants and share breathing exercises. Supporting one another through this new wonderful chaos.

On the flip side, I’m so awkward when it comes to things like this. When meeting new moms, I would think I’m being cool but instead scaring them off. I mean you don’t want to be the extra stiff scaredy cat Mom who doesn’t know the meaning of relaxation or doesn’t have a sense of humor. You also don’t want to be so lax that you speak without thinking and before you know it, you’re talking about how much your vagina stretched and you’re not sure if you’ll be able to feel your spouse or significant other when you have sex again. Some women just aren’t comfortable talking about things like that with strangers.

So how would one begin to find other moms and make new friends? Are there new mom hangouts? What would be a good conversation opener? Do I just eavesdrop into their conversation and then gradually interject what I’m thinking? What if it’s something like ‘I am so tired. Baby Joe kept me up all night with his teething.’ I jump in with ‘Yes I too am very tired. Let’s chat about it!’ This of course while she’s on the phone with someone else. Is that too forward? Too awkward? Why does this sound like dating? Thank goodness I’m married. I couldn’t do the dating life. Wait a minute. Is this why I can’t find any mom friends? Let me know how you made mom friends. I would love to know. Until next time my people…

4 thoughts on “Trying to Make Mom Friends

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    1. I am looking forward to when he’s the age of Boy Scouts, basketball, football. That will be interesting. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  1. I am not a mum yet but this was funny! I personally hate dating, so I can only imagine the anxiety of meeting new mums, but congratulations on joining the club lol xxx

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