We’re going on vacation!

After we found out we were pregnant, my first thought was I need a vacation. I need time away from work. I need time away from drama. I need time away just to gather my thoughts and well-being before they both decide to hide and leave everything in shambles. I didn’t want to leave married life and being a mother; just everything else. So once we had enough funds, we booked a cruise. We went back and forth, forth and back, side and back ways about taking Xavier and we ultimately decided to leave him home for this trip but he will go on the next one. In my heart of hearts, I feel like if we take him somewhere extravagant, he should be old enough to soak it all in and actually enjoy it and remember it. So we opted for him to stay here with my parents and we take a 4 day 3 night cruise to the Bahamas. We’ve been twice but both times were wonderful and we just needed a little getaway. It’s booked and I’m happy but then I got an email from the cruise line stating that they are cancelling the trip. I don’t remember why exactly but the very next day, I received the cancellation letter and a week later, we were refunded our money. 

Flash forward to two weeks later. I’m going through my emails and I see a Groupon that says for $599, you can go to Paris for six days. Flight and hotel are included. Say what? I was shocked. Sent a screenshot to my husband with big question marks. Then I saw one for Italy -8 nights for Rome, Venice and Tuscany for $899. That includes three hotels, a rental car and round trip flights! Say what three times!! (Here is the link to it in case you want to check it out Italy vacation )Long story short (with all of the extra details), my husband and I ended up booking the Italy trip! Yes my tribe -we are going to Italy next year! I am so excited! I have always wanted to go. I’ve been Europe (Germany and Switzerland) but Italy was definitely on the bucket list. Now hubby and I are learning Italian so that we can know a little something something by then. We’ve already been to Books A Million and bought all kinds of helpful tips, maps, etc. (He’s a researcher.)20180627_153033 (1)


While we’re working on that, I myself will be working on my emotions on leaving my SUN for about two weeks. The trip itself is 8 days but because we’re flying out of Chicago, we have to drive there first and stay over night. It will be two weeks that I won’t see him or hug him or smell him (sounds weird but I don’t care) or kiss him. Once we get to Italy, I’ll be somewhat alright because I won’t be able to call every five minutes….and I’ll be drinking wine so my mind will relax more. Don’t worry -I’m working on this daily. Plus one of my buddies said ‘No guilt. Do it while you can.’ She is absolutely right. While we had the money and the time, why not go? My mother has been wanting to watch Xavier overnight. Hubby and I can have one last vacation for at least a good while and we were able to afford it. Work hard, play harder. (I’m working on this too.) Until next time…ciao!

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