Reflections of June

It is the last  week of June. I can’t believe how quickly time went. I came into this month feeling good about what was coming. I’ll be honest and thought that I was going to have a positive pregnancy test. Although it wasn’t, June was a good month. Xavier is taking more steps now. He hasn’t gotten all the way comfortable walking but he’s getting there. His eating, talking and climbing are making up for the walking. It’s coming along. He’s waving, clapping to music and/or when a performance is over, he claps. He loves watching himself on video and taking pictures. He’s such a ham. When the phone comes out, he automatically smiles and waits. I often wonder do I take too many pictures of him? Then I say to myself, Self, take all the pictures you want. You’re collecting memories. So because myself told myself this, I listen and continue to take pictures.


As I reflect on the month of June, I’m grateful for the days that Xavier and I got to go to the park. I’m grateful for the cuddles he and I share while watching Coraline. On a side note, I loved that movie when it came out. My husband couldn’t understand it at all but I’ve always loved movies like that, even as a kid. So when I turn on Coraline for Xavier and he actually stops what he’s doing and will watch, it melts my heart so much. I’m grateful for being able to see one of my buddies get married. I was so glad that Mother Nature held off the rain while they spoke their nuptials outside. I’m grateful for my husband and his strength. He quit smoking last month and still doing good. I’m so proud of him. I am very grateful that my husband has planned a special dream vacation for me. I’m so excited that I can’t contain myself and because it’s next year, I’m working on my patience and not telling everyone just yet.

I’m super grateful for this blog and everyone who has read it and continues to support Green Loc’d Momster! It took me a minutes to get it started because I was scared. Scared to fail. Scared to be vulnerable on the Internet where one person or a hundred people can read it and dissect everything you say. You don’t know how many days I kept looking at the logo thinking this isn’t going to go far and no one is going to read it. The internet has millions of mom blogs out there. Why is yours any different? I have to remind myself that although there are so many, none of them have my truth and my experience. I learn and respect them and who knows -what I write might inspire and open a mind or two up. More importantly, I knew that being scared, I was going in the right direction. This platform is going to lead to a few goals of mine and these goals are taking me all the way out of my comfort zone. It’s going to be terrifying but exciting and it is coming. While writing this, I just read a quote fitting for this.


It means whatever you are desiring will come because you desire it. I want a second child. It’s coming. I want to be working stay-at-home Mom. I want to provide financially as well as be home with my children. It’s coming. I want to reach thousands of people through my blog and grow my tribe. It’s coming. Because of all this, I am grateful for believing in the unknown and the assurance that things are working out the way they should. I am grateful for the personal growth and the laughter that releases the negativity. Although June didn’t give me what I wanted, that doesn’t mean that July won’t disappoint. New month, new start, new beginnings. Until next my people!

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