Update on the TTC journey

After my OB told me that we needed to look at other avenues and explore a fertility doctor, (Here is where I spoke with the doctor on The Road Just Got Harder ) I didn’t know what to think. Actually I’m lying -I immediately thought about cost. The cost to make a baby or adopt a baby is astronomical so we couldn’t go into this lightly. My husband and I talked about it and he right out the gate said how about we try a cycle of Femara one more time? Another three months of trying with Femara and see what happens and if still no baby, then we will check out the fertility clinic. I agreed, my OB agreed so that’s the direction we’re going.

So more pills, more charting, more ovulation kits, more hope. I have to believe that this is going to happen. Of course though…when just before I got pregnant with Xavier, I was telling my husband maybe we should stop trying and focus on travel. We love cruises so why not put our money towards something that relieves stress and allows us to have a good time. Sure enough, two weeks later. So Universe, about that request….


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