Why I think Meditation is Important

Quiet is so hard to find when the world is so loud. It’s even louder when your mind is constantly full of thoughts with bullet points and side comments. I can remember many times where I was thinking so much and so loud in my brain, I honestly felt that people could hear it. So one day I was reading about ways to relax and calm the brain and came across meditating. I’ve heard about meditating but always thought that in order to meditate, I would need the perfect setting, the perfect mindset and somehow the spirit gods would zone in on me and create this zen lighted moment. Yes I watched a lot of movies. So I never tried. Not really. I thought I was but I was just sitting there thinking about when should I get up and eat something. I know -my focus was definitely jaded.

It wasn’t until I was 30 and sitting thinking about life like I always do. I was thinking about this TTC journey and how it was affecting our marriage. I was thinking about toxic friendships and how they even got to that point. I was thinking about family. I was thinking about my job and how I wasn’t happy there. You know -the usual seven tabs were open. I then turned on some music, closed my eyes and tried as gracefully as I could to X out of the tabs. One by one, I said to myself this can wait. This can wait. You are ok. This can wait. I started to visualize the tabs slowly going away as I was clearing my mind. I will admit it took some time. After one would go away, another one popped up. That damn BILLS tab would not let up! It was frustrating but I would focus on my breathing while I listened to the music and continued to say this can wait. This can wait. You are ok. This can wait. I felt my heart rate going at a steady pace. I realized that I wasn’t seeing the tabs or hearing my loud thoughts but ocean waves crashing. I was visualizing all my negativity floating away and leaving me be. I, very delicately, put all of my attention on these thoughts. I say delicately because I know me. My mind would have easily taken me to the left and all of the negative thoughts would have washed up on the shore. (Can you tell I need a vacation?) Plus I didn’t want to focus so hard that I wasn’t relaxed.

I sat and meditated and out of nowhere, I felt tranquility come over me. My whole body tingled and I felt the rush of cool air. I continued my breathing. I kept saying my mantra. (By this time, I noticed that I was silently chanting. I know -it came out of nowhere.) I kept seeing the ocean waves and thought everything is going to be alright. A minute or two later, the meditation music shut off. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. A whole hour had passed and I didn’t even know it. I was so engrossed in feeling positive vibes and reminding myself how everything was going to work that I didn’t even notice what time it was. I took in one more good breath and let it all out. With that exhale, I felt assurance and affirmation that things were going to work. I just had to quiet the brain to hear what I needed to hear.

That is what meditation does for me. It allows me to think, not worry. It allows me to smile; not grit my teeth. It allows me to breathe; not suffocate. It allows me to be present instead of thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. I will definitely encourage Xavier and future children to meditate because sometimes being angry can change the entire landscape of emotions and I hope that he will find his way through all the BS.  Meditation, for me, is more than a practice. Meditation has taught me more than anything to be patient and understanding of the present moment.

What are some things you do to calm the brain? Share the love mamas!

3 thoughts on “Why I think Meditation is Important

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  1. I’ll occasionally try some guided meditation, especially if I feel that my emotions are way to high for work. Even two minutes in an empty meeting room will bring me back down. It’s been tough going through all this TTC stuff and only one person knows at work. Thanks for sharing this article! I agree meditation is important and I need to incorporate it more in my life. – Em

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    1. Yes I agree. Meditation does help with the TTC journey. It puts things in perspective and gets you out of your head. I know for me, I will constantly why isn’t this working or why is this happening to me. Meditating clears my head and reminds me that everything is coming. I just have to be more patient. I appreciate your honesty and your blog. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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