Positive Affirmations

It’s amazing how motherhood and mom-shaming seem to go hand and hand. It’s almost like the second you become a mother (or even a parent), everyone seems to think their opinion matters and if you don’t regard it, something is wrong with you. I’ve had some moments where someone has said something to me and I would immediately get defensive. I then have to remind myself that they are giving their perspective and helping me out. It’s also been sometimes where I have even found myself saying what I thought when not one person asked me how I felt about the specific situation. That was even before I became a mother. I can admit that I have had to check myself as well as others simply because there was no need for that negativity to be in the atmosphere. So in light of this, I didn’t want to focus on mom-shaming itself. I wanted to flip it and speak love into existence. II wanted to share five quotes or affirmations to remind yourself that you are a great parent and if you feel like it’s right, don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

I am doing my best -It does not matter if this is your first child or your fifth child, you are doing the best that you can do and you should be proud of yourself. You are doing your best.

I love being a Mom and not love every moment of Motherhood -This was a hard one for me because I had been wanting a child for so long. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, Everything about Motherhood is not pretty. Some of it you expect. Some of it is disgusting and gross and makes you wonder about life but it does not mean you don’t love being a Mom.


Stop comparing yourself to the next Mother. Stop. Don’t do it. It is so easy to look at another mother who looks like she has things together and everything is perfect. You, however, aren’t seeing where she is crying or frustrated or overwhelmed or feeling inadequate. Just like she, you are doing a great job. You aren’t supposed to be here so why try? Be you and the mother you are.


I am a blessing to my family. I think we tend to forget just how much of a blessing we are. Then since we forgot, everyone else around us forgot too. It’s not theirs or our fault. Life becomes routine and suddenly we fade in the background because we don’t take care of ourselves on top of taking care of everybody. You are a blessing to the family. You bring joy and happiness and on the honest tip, they would be lost without you.

I am learning to be a better mother everyday. The role of mother is forever. It is a daily job that never ends and everyday I have learned something new. Through my momyays and momfails, I have learned something new and it’s because of this, that is making me a better mother. Do not try to be perfect. It’s impossible. You’re going to have momfails and it’s ok. You’ll be a better mother because of them.



Sending peace and love your way Mamas! We need to uplift and celebrate; not tear down. Don’t worry -I got you! Until next time…



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